No Room for Racism: Hamilton faces backlash after clash with Verstappen

(AP Photo/Luca Bruno)

Analysis of Accident

It has been a pretty tense week between Mercedes and Red Bull after their drivers clashed last week at the Silverstone Grand Prix. Championship leader and Red Bull driver Max Verstappen suffered a freaky accident. When his Red Bull was clipped by Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton. As they battled it out for the lead. Both sides were bickering who was to blame. In my opinion, I think it was Hamilton’s fault. As you don’t go down the inside of copse to which he did and understeered into Verstappen sending Verstappen into the barriers.

Reaction on social media

At first, there wasn’t anything bad on social media. But it was a lot of back and forth on who it was to blame. Some say it was a racing incident. Others say it was completely Hamilton’s fault. And a lot of fans were upset at the penalty given. Hamilton went on to win the race later on, but that didn’t stop social media. The celebrations fans thought were utterly disgraceful. That is when racism came in, which is not something I support.

No racer should suffer any hate because of the skin of their color. Their religion, their beliefs, fans who attack those people should be banned. Disgraceful how some people act out of anger and use words that should never be used. For Hamilton, I feel for him, he didn’t do anything wrong. He just simply got attacked because of his skin color and his actions in the race. People like these idiots, need to be punished.

Moving on from this

Time is ticking on how we act upon people like this. For Hamilton, I am with him even though I don’t like him winning all the time. When it comes to attacking someone with racism, that is a no for me. There is absolutely no room for racism, so there is a time for a change.

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