Nuggets striving to keep Championship Window open past 2023

Nuggets Championship Window
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The Denver Nuggets are currently in seek of their first NBA Championship. For most of the 2022-23 season, they have been favored to win the Western Conference. It’s been easy to see why, this team appears to be unstoppable. Sure, they may lose some games here and there but it doesn’t seem like they can be beaten in a seven-game series. The Nuggets are currently up 2-1 in the NBA Finals. After trading picks with Oklahoma City on Friday Morning, the Nuggets are looking to keep that championship window alive a little longer.

The trade deadline has already passed, which primarily means that players can’t be traded. Though, there is nothing that states that picks can’t be traded during the NBA Finals.

Per Adrian Wojnarowski:

  • Nuggets receive the least favorable of Oklahoma City’s first-round picks in 2024, the 37th pick in the 2023 draft and a 2024 second-round pick.
  • Thunder receive: protected 2029 first-round pick.

The goal heading into the 2022-23 season was to represent the Western Conference in the NBA Finals. Though, it was a lofty goal… it’s exactly what the Nuggets have done. Nikola Jokic and Jamal Murray have made history on two separate occasions. So, they’re starting their offseason plans a little early while still competing. The goals of this trade are pretty clear, the Nuggets are most likely looking to draft a player specifically in the second round. While, the 2024 first and 2024 second-round picks could be used to acquire a potential rotation player for cheap. Mostly due to how expensive the roster will be to retain.

So while, Jokic and Murray continue to be a nightmare for the Miami defense. The Denver General Manager, Calvin Booth is looking to keep the Nuggets’ championship window open longer than just this season.

Oklahoma City

The situation for the Thunder is a little different. They’re already loaded with young talent that has already taken steps in a positive direction. They propelled themselves into playoff contention and finished as the No. 10 seed. The last thing, they need right now is more picks. The Thunder don’t have the roster space to accommodate all of their draft capital. Nor, could they afford to pay anymore successful draft choices. Trading a pick now for one into the future allows the front office to not have to worry about any immediate roster concerns.

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