Oakland A’s Cap Off Seventh Straight Win

Mandatory Credit: Jed Jacobsohn/Associated Press

The Oakland A’s started off 2023 in a miserable way. Not only did they begin the season with one of the worst starts in MLB history, but they are also in the process of relocating. This relocation to Las Vegas is much to the dismay of fans who have been with the team for decades. However, in this time of miserable baseball and bad business moves, there has been a bright spot. The Oakland A’s have won seven straight baseball games.

Faithful Oakland A’s Fans Made Their Voices Heard Last Night.

Last night’s win over the red hot Tampa Bay Rays was met with excitement from fans who turned up to the game to boycott. The boycott is not what many may expect, however. Instead of fans upset with owners for locating, fans showed up to boycott not selling the team already. In other words, fans are rightfully upset with owners for not caring about the team anymore and are demanding someone else to come in and right the ship. This planned boycott resulted in Oakland’s largest attendance since Opening Day with 27,759 fans appearing for last night’s game.

This aggravation towards ownership turned into a mixture of displeasure and happiness as the A’s came back to win last night’s game against the first place Rays. This seventh straight win resulted in fans hurling objects onto the field in a celebratory but aggravated manner after the game. This is usually frowned upon in the sports world. But in this case, fans were trying to prove a point and make themselves known to A’s ownership.

This hot streak for Oakland is unlikely to turn their season around. However, last night’s boycott and victory is surely going to be one of the most memorable moments of the season. 

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