After months of uncertainty facing a new TV Deal, the Pac-12 may be nearing a new deal soon. On Tuesday, the Pac-12 commissioner George Kliavkoff on Tuesday presented the conference’s presidents and chancellors with a potential, primarily subscription-based Apple streaming deal for its television contract that expires after this school year.

Several options were presented, but the Apple deal seems most likely at this point. The deal would bring clarity to a lengthy process that frustrated many in the conference. Not having a TV deal laid out ultimately played a big factor in Colorado leaving for the Big-12. Questions surrounding the deal still loom specifically questions about monetary value and exposure. As well as outside pressure from other conferences.

With the Big 12 now eyeing Arizona, Arizona State and Utah… The Arizona Board of Regents was scheduled to meet Tuesday afternoon, though there has been no announcement after that meeting.

The deal with Apple may most likely be a short-term contract, which would begin in 2024-25. The hopes are that the deal would incrementally improve and potentially be competitive with its peers in the Big 12 and ACC down the road, provided certain subscription numbers are met.

The new TV deal for the BIG12 is set to begin in 2025 and the schools in the conference will see an increase to an average of $31.7 million. This has been the barometer that the Pac-12 has been hoping for in a new TV deal.

There remains to be some ambiguity, though, because that is all dependent on the number of subscriptions that the PAC brings in. Considering that they are now close to a deal, the conference is in better shape than they were a month and a half ago. The changes in media landscape may also set up the success for the PAC-12 to sell lots of digital subscriptions.

An Apple spokesman has not confirmed the news.

Apple Streaming Sports?

Apple recently dove into the sports streaming industry a few years ago. Since then, they have inked deals with Major League Baseball and exclusive rights to Major League Soccer. The latter began this season and has been assisted by Lionel Messi now playing for Inter Miami. The only flaw here would be that Apple does not produce the games for the MLB or MLS. Unless that is being factored into the deal, it would leave the PAC-12 and its schools with the cost of production.

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