Paul George: Harden ‘Perfect Fit’ with Clippers

The Los Angeles Clippers have been getting slammed for the James Harden trade. The players seem to be in favor of Harden being a Clipper, or at least Paul George is.

The Clippers G-F went on his podcast… “Podcast P with Paul George,” and basically said that Harden will be a perfect fit.

“I think he’s gonna fit in perfectly. … What I love about it is just all four of us are high-IQ players, so when it comes into game time, we all know where everyone’s supposed to be,” George said.

“So, we all can run plays in different positions. Like I don’t have to be in this certain spot, James can be in that spot now. Russ doesn’t have to bring the ball up, Kawhi can bring the ball up. And we can all get to our spots – run the same play, but we can run it and get different options out of it based off of the player that’s in it.”

It’s still a shock as to what the Clippers had to give up to get this deal done. Regardless of where an organization stands with him, cancer or not. Harden is still a star in this league and the Clippers essentially gave up nothing valuable in return. It’s not like they gave an abundance of picks either… they gave up a 2028 first, two second-round picks and a 2029 pick swap.

Though, Harden has only played one game that resulted in a loss for the Clippers. The players seem to be on page with the trade. George may be optimistic but there are reasons to question whether this group makes sense together. Both Harden and Russell Westbrook are ball-dominant guards. Will one of them be okay play off-ball to make it work this time around? That question essentially falls on if Harden is okay with it, Westbrook has limitations with his shooting struggles.

And then there’s the question of four players, all accomplished isolation scorers throughout their careers, navigating late-game situations. Who does Tyronn Lue turn to with the game on the line? This will all be answered in time and they all have the opportunity to grow together.


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