Why Penn State Should Consider Moving to the ACC

Penn State
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Penn State football is losing ground in the Big Ten. Additionally, Right now, it seems like the Nittany Lions are not even remotely close to the other Big Ten schools in terms of location. Penn State in the past played in the Atlantic 10 in the past. Geography plays a huge role of which conference a school plays in. Pitt (University of Pittsburgh) is already in the ACC. It’s time for Penn State to join them.

Does This Really Make Sense?

Yes, yes it does. Think about it. Who doesn’t love in state rivalries? The battle of Pennsylvania every year? Give it to me all day. The change also brings relevance and competition to the ACC. Penn State is still a good football school. But, the Big Ten is getting better and better. Right now, they are better equipped right now to go to a football conference that is not as contested and top heavy.

Penn State can go to the ACC and be in the mix fairly quickly. Clemson is the top dog for sure. Miami and North Carolina are gaining ground. Notre Dame is going back to being independent. The other teams aren’t always consistent. Penn State barring the COVID year has been on fire since 2016. Starting with 2016, here are the records up until 2019.





This is very impressive and could easily secure a spot in the ACC championship and warrant playoff consideration. In some years, this could win the ACC.

Final Thoughts

While some sports may have some trouble competing, from a football standpoint it does make sense. The hockey team would most likely have to move conferences as well, and they could join any eastern conference they want to join. Atlantic Hockey automatically stands out as a potential suitor. To bring it back to football, Clemson is a long way from being vulnerable. But, the Nittany Lions can run with the likes of North Carolina and Miami, and most likely perform well against the other teams.

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