Adding Khalil Mack  to the best defense  lineman, Not just the best edge rusher but the best defense  lineman that can do it all, in Joey bosa Could possibly change the direction and the future of the San Diego Chargers.Mack  will Help sure up  A weak spot in the charger’s defense. And When they can stop the run pin back their ears and really get after the quarterback Every offense they  face will be in trouble.  There’s no way possible to double Mack and Bosa.

   Adding Mack In my opinion it is the biggest steel of the off-season, The chargers gave up a 2022 2nd round pick and a 6th round pick in 2023. Not to mention Mack It’s paired up with his position coach from 2018 (now his head coach ). Where he was defensive player of the year Mack has the most sacks against any team in his division the Denver Broncos with 11.5 he also had a 5 sack performance on December 13th 2015 against them

     Mack brings leadership and pairing him with bosa there’s only 5 current players that has more sacks than bosa at (58) and Mack at (57.5).They have 4 starters with a combined 13 pro bowls on the defense side Mack (6) Bosa (4)  James(2) Jc Jackson (1)

     I see Derwin James And JC Jackson ( the best corner back int the NFL the last 3 years ,with 25 interceptions ) benefiting from this as well putting pressure on the quarterback will make bad decisions for the opposing teams.

       In my opinion the weak spot for the chargers were their defense now Justin Herbert which is still on his rookie contract is set to get the help he needed. To get the ball back and to have the ball in his hands. They are geared up to win now recently resigning Mike Williams, and all pro Keenan Allen, The addition of  Gerald Everett  at tight end . The  Offensive line With Corey Lindsey At center And Rashaw Slater at tackle ( who gave up zero sacks)  The time to win is now.

    Justin Herbert keeps proving himself with 69 touchdowns and 9350 yd With a 66 completion percentage in his first 2 years As a future star in The NFL. All teams in the AFC West  And the NFL better not sleep on the Los Angeles Chargers

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