Seattle Kraken Still Growing

The Seattle Kraken is still growing as Sept. 23rd marks the Seattle Kraken first ever training camp and the fan base couldn’t be more excited. Which means for the very first time the Kraken coaching staff will be on the ice with the potential team ahead of their first preseason game this Sunday, September 26th, against the Canucks.

Seattle Kraken Team
Seattle Kraken’s first ever team picture-Seattle Kraken

Note-Worthy Signings

Ryan Donato, a forward most well known out of Boston, has currently signed a one year contract for an average annual value of $750,000 under the Kraken name. He has added an impressive skill set to the team and is not afraid to add a few hits to his game. At only twenty-five years old he has plenty of time to grow with the team.

Vince Dunn, a restricted free agent defenseman, has agreed to a two-year, $8 million contract. Dunn plays a physical game with puck-moving possession and he’s remarkably smooth on ice. He is only twenty-four years old, which makes him another excellent growth opportunity.

Last but not least, the first ever free agency signing was center, Luke Henman. Henman was drafted in 2018 to the Hurricanes, but did not sign. Instead spending the last five years under the Blainville-Boisbriard Armada, where he’s been a remarkable teammate. He has signed a three-year entry level contract, at $750,000.

With the Seattle Kraken team still growing, stay tuned to see what other remarkable athletes join the Kraken!

First Official Game

The Kraken will spend their first night on ice in the city of Las Vegas, competing against the Golden Knights. A daunting feat as the Knights have qualified for the Stanley Cup Playoffs their last four seasons. Impressive, as the Golden Knights only became a team back in 2017, however, their current coach has only been signed on since January 15th, 2020.

Peter DeBoer, current head coach for the Golden Nights was previously head coach for the San Jose Sharks. A successful first season, leading his team to the Stanley Cup Finals only to trash that all his second season, with a 15-16-2 start. His first season with the Knights was far more successful, making it as far as the Semifinals. With a decent background, and plenty of experience, he sums up to be a great first match.

Man Behind The Seattle Kraken Magic

Dave Hakstol appears to be the right man for the head coaching job for the Seattle Kraken, coming in from coaching the Philadelphia Flyers. With the Flyers he took them to the playoff’s twice, then spent this last season as an assistant coach to the Toronto Maple Leafs. He’s also made it to the NCAA championships eleven times, in eleven seasons. Many call him a student of the game, and many seriously doubt his abilities to shape the Seattle Kraken.

With an array of doubts comes a beacon of hope. Hakstol is known to care less about the franchise and more about the players, which may work in the Kraken’s favor. As many of these guys have never played together before, or on NHL ice at all. He’s an avid communicator, knowledgeable of the sport and brings plenty of passion to the ice.

Seattle Kraken Training Camp

Traditionally in Hockey, players drafted by their teams rarely play for their franchise in their first year, unlike the NBA or NFL. For the Kraken’s, everyone is essentially new. Training Camp will give the coaches an opportunity to see who works together, and who can bring the team to where they need to be to face off the Golden Knights.

Sept. 23rd marks the date this inaugural team will have to pick twenty-three of the thirty-seven invites to see who will make the roster before their season opener.

In Other News

The Seattle Kraken fan base has topped NHL jersey all time sales records. In fact, they are the highest in league history for a newly released jersey in its first week of availability. Surpassing expectations that the Golden Knights set just a few years ago in 2017. The NHL has not provided an official number as of yet.

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