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The NFL is a little over a month away from the playoffs beginning. With four weeks left until then, It is time to see who will be in the playoffs for the AFC, and also who will be the division winners.

AFC North

Ravens (9-4)

Bengals (9-4)

Browns (5-8)

Steelers (5-8)

This division winner is not for sure yet, and this division is starting to come down to the wire. The Steelers and Browns had their issues as quarterbacks this year, so they are just on the outside of the playoffs most likely done. However, the rest of the season should be a good battle between the Ravens and the Bengals. The Bengals have a bit tougher of a schedule compared to the Ravens, but the Ravens are missing Lamar Jackson for another game or two and have more injuries. With these teams set to meet in the last game of the season, that game has all of the potential to decide the division. The winner of Bengals versus Ravens has the chance for the two or three seed, while the loser will most likely see themselves at the five or six seed.

AFC South

Titans (7-6)

Jaguars (5-8)

Colts (4-8-1)

Texans (1-11-1)

This is the Titans division to lose at this point, and they should be division winners of the AFC South. Up to the Jaguars game last week, the Titans did a good job of making a good sized gap for the other teams to climb. However, losing to the Jags was a bad loss for the Titans. A win made the division that much more sure, now they have to sweat it a bit. The Titans play the Jags in the last game of the regular season. This game has the potential to be the division decider if the Jags can basically win out down the stretch. As for the Titans, getting two wins in the next week with Jags loss could lock up another playoff berth for the Titans. No one else in the division will make the playoffs other than the winner, so it comes down to the Titans and Jags for the AFC South.

AFC East

Bills (10-3)

Dolphins (8-5)

Patriots (7-6)

Jets (7-6)

This division is the one in the AFC with the most turmoil. This division has four playoff potential teams, and at worst two should be getting in potentially. The most likely to be eliminated are the Patriots and Jets. The Pats will play both the Bills and Dolphins, while the Jets only have the Dolphins left. My guess here is the Pats will be eliminated with the tougher schedule, leaving the Jets as a potential Wildcard team. The division title will come down to the game next week, as the Bills take on the Dolphins. Dolphins won the first matchup between the two as well.  If Bills win, the division should be theirs with almost no doubt. If the Dolphins win, there will be a bit more stress on the Bills to close out the season strong. This division will be the most fun to watch down the stretch, as potentially all three of the teams could either be in or out of the playoffs. This division will be a fun watch to the finish.

AFC West

Chiefs (10-3)

Chargers (7-6)

Raiders (5-8)

Broncos (3-10)

The Chiefs look to have all control in this division at this point and should be the division winners. With two wins over the Chargers already, all the Chiefs really have to do is win a game or two more. With those wins and help with a Chargers loss, they can lock it up sooner. Due to the Broncos and Raiders imploding this year, the down the stretch schedule should be more than doable for the Chiefs. When it comes to the three wildcard spots, the Chargers have a shot. With a slow start, the job will become a bit hard. If the Chargers can win two of four or three of four, they should be able to have a chance for the seven or six seed. With the Chargers getting some guys back as well, there is a chance that the Chargers can makeup for a bad start with a strong finish.

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