Potential Division Winners: NFC Edition

NFL Trade Deadline
San Francisco 49ers running back Christian McCaffrey, left, passes for a touchdown on a trick play during the first half of an NFL football game against the Los Angeles Rams Sunday, Oct. 30, 2022, in Inglewood, Calif. (AP Photo/Gregory Bull)

The NFC has had some really good action in it this year. As a result, the one seed basically locked up in the NFC. This leaves the two through seven are the seeds that might be changing. Altogether, this will be an important last four weeks in the NFC to see who will be dancing in the playoffs.

NFC North

Vikings (10-3)

Lions (6-7)

Packers (5-8)


The Vikings came hot out of the gates and have not looked back. They have been in the lead of the division all season and look to be on the way to win it. A Lions loss is all the Vikings need to be crowned. Due to this, there is a small world where the Lions or the Packers can make the playoffs as a 7th seed. With how bad the rest of the division has been this year, the Vikings never really had to sweat for it. This team is looking at a second or third seed, but this was a great regular season for the Vikings. Now, the Vikings should be looking ahead to the playoffs here in a week or two.

NFC South

Bucs (6-7)

Panthers (5-8)

Falcons (5-8)

Saints (4-9)

This is potentially the worst division in football this year. This division is the only one that has a leader that is not above .500 on the season. This went from the Bucs division, to the Falcons division, to even now the Panthers have a chance to backdoor and get it. This division just makes no sense, as you would think from years past the Bucs should run it.

The Panthers and Bucs are set for a collision course in about two weeks. That game has the potential to tie the division based on these teams schedules. Out of all the divisions, this is the one that is the closest. This will be a stressful last month for the teams in this division, as they all try to find a way to separate themselves. The Bucs, Falcons, or Panthers could find themselves hosting a playoff game, so this is a huge last few weeks.

NFC East

Eagles (12-1)

Cowboys (10-3)

Commanders (7-5-1)

Giants (7-5-1)

From the worst division in football to probably the best, there has been some good play out of these teams. This division has been all Eagles all year. To go along with that, the Eagles looking like the most dominant team in this regular season so far, it is safe to say they should not be caught. The Cowboys and Eagles will play next week, and a win will for sure lock up the division for the Eagles. However, the Cowboy’s should be in the playoffs almost regardless, but a win or two would add some seed cushioning.

Along with that, this week’s Sunday Night Football matchup is the Giants and Commanders, and this is for potentially a playoff spot. There is so much little time left, every game will matter moving forward, especially for the last two teams. We could see maybe four teams from this division in the playoffs, or possibly only two of them. This will be an important last month from pretty much all of these teams.

NFC West

49ers (9-4)

Seahawks (7-6)

Cardinals (4-9)

Rams (4-9)

This division has been one of the more exciting ones this year. The Seahawks held it for the majority of the year and looked like a legit threat. With some injuries in the division now, and a huge trade to get Christian McCaffery, the 49ers have a chance to clinch. If the 49ers beat the Seahawks on Thursday night football, the division is theirs. Furthermore, with injuries at quarterback and so many more positions have taken out the Rams or the Cardinals from having a chance. Along with that, the Seahawks fighting to get into the playoffs, as a loss opens up the door for so many other teams, this game means everything to them. A 49ers win means automatic two or three seed. This game tonight has a lot on the line.

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