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We are roughly a quarter of the way through the NBA season and some trends are beginning to take shape. Here are three players with the biggest seven-day decreases. Could any be suitable for buy-the-dips or not?

Jalen Brunson

Jalen Brunson is an incredibly talented player. He is averaging over twenty points per game and is the Knicks’ main source of offense. Brunson had an amazing playoff run last year with the Mavericks. He signed a massive contract this offseason to go to New York and he is producing. 

He is currently down thirty-four percent from his all-time high during last season. In his case trust the market. This trend is most likely to continue unless the Knicks improve his supporting cast. The Knicks are not considered a serious playoff contender. Brunson will be their key option but with less big-game exposure will struggle to rebound even in New York. As Brunson’s stock tumbles he is NOT a good buy-the-dips options.

Jaden Ivey

Pistons rookie Jaden Ivey was a wanted man on draft night and Detroit got their guy. A highly talented prospect and only twenty years old Ivey is a great long-term option. Detroit is a basement dweller in the east and is probably still a few years away from seriously competing. Do not worry about that. In the NBA wild roster changes can take place. Much like the Cavs and Thunder have down, prospects can be developed and traded and a playoff team can be built.

Down twenty percent since the beginning of the season, Ivey is great to invest in for his future. He is only in his rookie season. Still adjusting to the league expect him to have a big second half of the season. A guy that could develop into a star in this league is still affordable and is a YES buy-the-dips option.

Devin Booker

If the Suns expect to get back to the playoffs and take revenge against the Warriors and or the Bucks they will be carried by Devin Booker. He is currently down twenty percent but is averaging almost twenty-eight points per game. His stock has been trending down over the past month making it the perfect time to invest.

Booker is a great investment. He is one of the best players in the league and you can hope for a big playoff run candidate. While he is having a good season, the Suns being in the middle of the pack in the west has diminished his stock slightly. Expect Booker to continue to play at a high level and have his stock not only go back up but surpass where it was. This makes him a big-time YES buy-the-dips option.

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