Does Your Quarterback Deserve Another Year?

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The Quarterback is the most influential and valuable position in all of professional sports. Thus, NFL organizations strive to find the best possible solution for their franchise quarterback. Even with NFL teams putting all their efforts and resources into succeeding at quarterback, still half of all NFL teams have decisions to make on who’s going be the face of the franchise.

NFL Teams Already set at Quarterback

Half of the NFL doesn’t have to make any decisions on their current situation. Whether it’s because their quarterback is performing well, or if they have a rookie. Those quarterbacks are as follows, Packers-Aaron Rodgers, Buccaneers-Tom Brady, Cardinals-Kyler Murray, Chiefs-Pat Mahomes, Chargers-Justin Herbert, Bills-Josh Allen, Ravens-Lamar Jackson, Rams-Matthew Stafford Bengals-Joe Burrow, Cowboys-Dak Prescott, Titans-Ryan Tannehill, and Seahawks-Russell Wilson. All 12 of these quarterbacks have been in MVP consideration at some point this season and 11/12 rank in the top half of the league in passer rating or total quarterback rating(qbr). Russell Wilson who didn’t, was ranked in the top 10 in total qbr before his injury. So once heathy, all of these guys are franchise players. Patriots-Mac Jones, Jaguares-Trevor Lawernce, Bears-Justin Fields, and Jets-Zach Wilson have all shown potential, some more than others, but are just too young, and too early in the evaluation process to move on from.

Quarterbacks That Deserve another Season

Of the 16 teams that need to discuss a decision on the face of the franchise, there’s about 10 quarterbacks that have earned another season as the starting quarterback. Carson Wentz-Colts, Kirk Cousins-Vikings, Derek Carr-Raiders, Jameis Winston-Saints, Jalen Hurts-Eagles, and Tua Tagovailoa have exceeded any expectations fans or the organization had for them. Carson Wentz has the Colts in playoff contention and ranks top 10 in passing touchdowns with 21. Kirk Cousins ranks 3rd in passer rating and 6th in passing touchdowns with 23. Derek Carr, managing all the chaos in Las Vegas, has a winning record and ranks top 10 in total qbr. Jameis Winston before he got a season ending injury, had the Saints in the playoff picture, and ranked 4th in total qbr. Tua and Jalen Hurts have both won more games than were expected of them, carrying the team with a lack of offensive weaponry, and displayed enough flashes in their 2nd NFL season.

Baker Mayfield-Browns, Jared Goff-Lions, Matt Ryan-Falcons, and Daniel Jones-Giants haven’t performed at the level their teams were anticipating but where all dealing with uncontrollable circumstances. Matt Ryan, Daniel Jones, and Jared Goff just didn’t have enough help around them to have a fair assessment. Whether it was injuries to their teammates, no protection from the offensive line, or lack of skill players, all of these players deserve at least one more season. Baker Mayfield is dealing with multiple serious injuries. When he was last healthy, he was top 10 in passing touchdowns, and won the Browns a playoff game. So, it’s only fair Mayfield be able to fight for his job when heathy.

Quarterbacks NFL Teams should Move On From

Teddy Bridgewater-Broncos, Tyrod Taylor-Texans, Taylor Heinicke-Washington are all decent level players that can win multiple games in the NFL. Unfortunately, all have peaked and will never be a top 10 quarterback that can win multiple playoff games. Ben Roethlisberger-Steelers has passed his prime, ranks in the bottom 10 in total qbr, and will be the age of 40 next season. Sam Darnold-Panthers is just not a franchise quarterback. Sam Darnold led the league in turnovers before his injury, which is unacceptable at this point of his career. Jimmy Garoppolo-49ERS needs to be traded but not due to his play. He ranks 7th in total qbr but the 49ERS spent high draft capital on Trey Lance. They need to get Lance some experience as soon as possible. So, for the betterment of the 21-year-old, Garoppolo has to be traded before the start of the 2022 season. Check out our Shop!


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