Rumor: Will WWE have The Rock win the Royal Rumble?

The Rock
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For years now have been rumors of when and where The Rock would return to the WWE. In recent weeks those rumors have been heating up. As it’s been said that The Rock may be returning in 2023. If the rumors are true, it would be Rock returning to win the Royal Rumble. The Rock winning the Royal Rumble would be a WWE attitude-era Fanatics’ biggest dream. He originally won the rumble match twenty-three years ago. Dwayne “The Rock Johnson is one of the world’s biggest movie stars. Rock just so happens to have started out as a wrestler first. There have been backstage rumors of The Rock returning for a wrestling match, not just an appearance.

WWE officials have reportedly discussed the potential of The Rock winning this year’s, Royal Rumble. According to Dave Meltzer officials inside the WWE have called this “a pie-in-the-sky idea”. With so many outside factors affecting if this could potentially happen. The plan would be for Johnson to be a surprise entrant into the thirty-man match.

If these backstage officials were to go this route it would be by all means a difficult task to fulfill. Above all, it would be the scheduling of mega movie star Johnson that would potentially hinder any plans for him to wrestle again. At fifty years old time is running out for Johnson to continue any wrestling career he might have. However, if the stars were to align right this year it could happen.

The Rock winning this year’s Royal Rumble match would be to set up the main event at Wrestle-Mania. That match would be Rock squaring off against his real-life cousin Roman Reigns. Reigns is currently the WWE’s undisputed world heavyweight champion. Having been the champ for over eight hundred days. His initial title reign started on August 3rd, 2020.

The current storyline for Reigns would allow for a seamless matchup to be presented for WWE tv. For instance, the current story is about Reigns being in a faction with his other real-life cousins the Usos. So a cousin vs cousin match would be par for the course.

However, some wrestling fans would not like seeing that match. Said fans would prefer that WWE insert a younger wrestler into a match with Reigns. Going a younger star gives WWE the ability to create the next Reigns or Rock. Also, fans would prefer the route of a full-time wrestler being in that spot.

The belief is why take up tv time from someone who will be in WWE before and after Wrestle-Mania is completed? Given that belief, one can not argue with box office attraction. Having a match like Reigns vs Rock would bring in the outside fans the WWE strives to reach during their Wrestle-Mania season.


WWE officials have also discussed other wrestlers to face off against Reigns. The number one wrestler being discussed outside of Rock is Cody Rhodes. Rhodes returned to the WWE last year Wrestle-Mania in a match against Seth Rollins. Early in the year, Rhodes suffered a pectoral injury. If he is healthy enough in time for the rumble he is a strong possibility. Reigns vs Rhodes would satisfy the wrestling purist.

Wrestle-Mania season is around the corner for the WWE. The start of this yearly tradition begins with the Royal Rumble. This is a match with thirty wrestlers competing to be the last man standing. WWE officials are giving themselves a deadline of the beginning of January to finalize Wrestle-Mania plans. The Royal Rumble is the last weekend in January. While Wrestle-Mania is the first weekend in April. So there would be plenty of time to put together concrete plans.

One way or another Wrestle-Mania is setting up to be another classic premium live event.

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