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Ryan Day
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Ryan Day and the Ohio State football team are preparing to play the Georgia Bulldogs in the college football playoff. Coach Day took over as head coach in 2018 after Urban Meyer stepped down. Until this season the Ohio State football team and head coach Day are looking for that signature win. After losing to Clemson they have lost twice to rival Michigan and missed the playoff a year ago. Preparing to play against Georgia, Ohio State football, and Day needs a much-needed victory.

Why Ohio State And Ryan Day Needs A Win

Ryan Day needs this win to cement his legacy and put his mark on this historic team as head coach. Ohio Stae won the inaugural National Championship in 2014 and has not won a National Championship since then. Urban Meyer was the head coach at the time and won a national title after two seasons of coaching Ohio State. Coach Day became head coach in 2018 and soon after lost to Clemson in a playoff game. It has been somewhat turbulent in the sense of living up to the highest of expectations when coaching for a program like Ohio State. In addition, the second loss to Michigan this year has brought doubt if he can get the job done. Above all this team has only had one undefeated season under head coach Day.

How Can Ohio State And Ryan Day Win

The question is can Ohio State football beat the Georgia Bulldogs? All things considered, Ohio State has the talent to compete with the Bulldogs. Ohio State and its passing game can be the difference maker in this game. In the last game, the Georgia Bulldogs played they gave up 500 passing yards to LSU. Ohio State’s bread and butter have been their passing game since coach Day has taken over. With the combination of C.J. Stroud and Marvin Harrison Jr, these two can be the difference makers. This season Harrison Jr. has accumulated over 1,000 yards on 72 receptions, he as well averaged 16.1 yards a catch. Stroud has thrown for 3,340 yards with 37 touchdowns and only 6 interceptions. These two players have the makings to put their mark on this game.

Why Ohio Stae and Ryan Day Will Win

This entire team should be reenergized by getting into the college football playoff. After losing to Michigan many assumed that the season was over. By all accounts hopefully, they have learned from losing to Michigan two straight seasons. Georgia is similar to Michigan in that they both run the ball heavily and then pick their spots in the passing game. For instance, Michigan rushed for 252 yards and threw for 278 yards. However, starting quarterback J.J. McCarthy only had 24 passing attempts in that game. Heading into this matchup Ohio State should be healthier and will have had more time to prepare for the game. Ryan Day is 5-1 when he is given more than one game week to prepare.


At this present time, Day and the Ohio State football team need a monumental win like never before. If they can pull off this victory legacies will be created en route to a National Championship appearance. Without a doubt starting quarterback Stroud’s draft stock will rise even more with this type of big game victory NFL teams look for from a potential franchise quarterback. This Ohio State program has not won a championship since 2014 and it’s now time for them to win another one. The reason is that two elite quarterbacks will have come and gone without winning an elusive title. Winning this game will help lessen the blow of the Michigan loss. Ohio State vs Michigan for the National Championship?

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