4 More Years: Hubbard Staying in Cincy

Sam Hubbard
Cincinnati Bengals defensive end Sam Hubbard (94). (AP Photo/Eric Christian Smith)

Sam Hubbard has agreed to a four year contract extension with the Bengals. According to Adam Schefter, the new deal is four years and $40 million. Hubbard has become a key piece for the Bengals defense. The big number is 16.5 sacks in three years. The Bengals defense is in a developmental phase. Knowing they do not have to completely start from scratch with the defensive end position is huge news in the jungle, and a big help.

Big Picture

Hubbard will now be looked as a leader in the locker room and on the field. The AFC north will be a very hard division to compete in moving forward with heavy running games, and strong defenses across the board. By locking up the local boy, the Bengals are right in the thick of it. The team knows the image and reputation they have of dirty play. Hubbard will without doubt help keep everyone disciplined and help mentor the up and coming players moving forward.

Additionally, there are solid quarterbacks not just in the north, but in the AFC as a whole. In order to make it far, a defense has to knock them down. Chasing down Lamar Jackson and Patrick Mahomes is no easy task. With someone like Hubbard, it at least makes it a little more feasible. To go along with the impressive sack total, he adds 106 solo tackles, 22 tackles for loss, eight passes defensed, and three forced fumbles.

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  1. This is great for the Bengals, but means nothing if they still can’t protect Burrow on offense.

    • Anthony Del Trecco

      I completely agree. I think things will be better for him that regard. If you want, you can check out what I wrote about the Bengals and we can discuss further.

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