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With USC and UCLA set to leave, the Pac-12 has been in no rush to find replacements. Though there have been rumors about which teams may join, nothing has come to fruition until now. San Diego State has reportedly told the Mountain West that they intend to resign from the conference.

San Diego State would need to give a year of notice to withdraw next June. If it waits past June 30, the exit fee it would owe jumps from nearly $16.5 million to nearly $34 million.

Along with the one-month extension requested in Tuesday’s letter, the school also asked the league to consider discussing the exit fee.

Why hasn’t the Pac-12 sent offers?

A big reason that the Pac-12 has not sent out any offers for new teams to join the conference is because of their television deal. The current deal is set to expire in 2024 and there has been no indication of where the conference may to turn to for media.

There has been no formal invitation for the school to join the league, and the timeline for such a move has been linked to either the Pac-12’s television deal or the departure of a Pac-12 member.

“San Diego State does not have an offer from the Pac-12,” according to ESPN’s Pete Thamel.

SDSU is set to explore all other options if the Pac-12 doesn’t get a new deal done by June 30.

In March, SDSU Athletic Director stated that the athletic programs were “ready to step into a power conference.” Then in January, he told CBS that the Pac-12 would want to give SDSU a full share of the media revenue to prevent the school from going to the Big 12 and having that league recruiting in the Pac-12’s backyard.

San Diego State has competed at a high level in every sport for many years. The school has arguably been the Mountain West’s top athletic program. The Men’s Basketball Team made it to the NCAA Tournament game and the football team has a new $300 million football stadium. The Aztecs have won 10 or more games in football every season dating back to 2005.

With USC and UCLA moving to the Big Ten in 2024, SDSU’s allure has increased for leagues, as the school offers a toehold in the Southern California market.

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