Seattle Mariners Close To Spending

Seattle Mariners
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The Rebuild is coming to a point where General Manager Jerry Dipoto believes he can start spending some money. The Seattle Mariners are well on their way to being in the playoffs. Though the Mariners still have a chance to make it this season, they may have a better chance next year.

Jerry Dipoto was recently on an episode of The Mike Salk Show, and here is what he said:

I love this job. I love the city, I love the people I work with,” Dipoto said. “I’ve said this to just about anybody who’s asked me the question over the last three years, especially: What (we have been) doing since 2018 with this organization, the plan we’ve had and focusing on executing it everyday, has been the most rewarding thing I’ve ever done professionally. It has been so much fun to watch people grow, to watch a plan come to fruition. And to have hope. I think that’s plenty for me. I love it here and I hope that we are at the precipice of great things, because we all believe that is more real today than it’s ever been.

When asked about the Mariners payroll and management not allowing him to spend:

It doesn’t worry me because we have a history of doing the opposite of those concerns,” he said. “… In recent history, the Mariners have been really aggressive, really since the opening of first Safeco (Field), which has obviously now become T-Mobile Park. In that era, we’ve been a really aggressive team in terms of payroll. And that has sunk over the last 2.5 or three years since we started to take our team down and rebuild it, and that’s a natural happening.

My first three years here – and I know the years prior to my arrival – we were always one of the top 10 or 12 payrolls in baseball, and I’m confident we will be back there at the appropriate time, and we feel like the appropriate time is again, closer than it’s ever been.”

The Seattle Mariners are in a spot where they feel that they have the freedom to go out and spend money while still having one of the best farm systems in baseball. I’d watch for Jerry Dipoto to spend a little bit of money making wise decisions this offseason.

Positions For The Mariners To Upgrade:

Starting Pitcher

Although, the Mariners have gotten some quality production out of guys like Logan Gilbert, Marco Gonzales, Chris Flexen, and Tyler Andersen. They have also seen guys like Justus Sheffield, Yusei Kikuchi, and Justin Dunn struggle. With a star-studded free agency class at this position, it may be time to lock up a younger Ace-caliber pitcher.


This is a position, where the Mariners don’t necessarily need an upgrade but could use one on the offensive side. Tom Murphy has been a much-needed veteran piece, the last two seasons. Though it may be time for the Seattle Mariners to finally get some offensive production from the catcher position. Though, they also have some youth at the position in Luis Torrens and Cal Raleigh.

Second Base and Third Base

This is going to be an interesting one for Jerry Dipoto. The Mariners could get a full season out of Abraham Toro at second, and keep Kyle Seager at third. He could let Seager go and pick up a star third baseman. Or he could move Toro to third and get a guy like Marcus Semien, who has been linked to Seattle.


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