SEC Football 2021 Predictions

SEC Football 2021 Predictions
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Before diving into our SEC football 2021 predictions, make sure you check out our previous conference previews:

Next up on our conference preview list – the SEC.

After dominating the offseason headlines with the addition of Texas and Oklahoma, should we expect another dominating performance by Alabama like last year? I’m thinking it will be a lot more competitive this year with some intriguing matchups, new transfers, new QBs, and new freshmen taking the field.

Here are your SEC Football 2021 predictions:

Projected order of standings

East Division

  1. Georgia
  2. Florida
  3. Kentucy
  4. Tennessee
  5. Missouri
  6. Vanderbilt
  7. South Carolina

Coastal Division

  1. Alabama
  2. Texas A&M
  3. Ole Miss
  4. LSU
  5. Auburn
  6. Mississippi
  7. Arkansas

SEC Awards and Post Season

Predicted SEC Championship

Georgia over Alabama


  • Offensive POY – Matt Corral, QB, Ole Miss
  • Defensive POY – Henry To’o To’o, LB, Alabama
  • Coach of the Year – Kirby Smart, Georgia
  • Freshman POY – Ga’Quincy McKinstry, CB, Alabama
  • Transfer of the year – Arik Gilbert, TE, Georgia

Top 5 Teams Breakdown

See all of the teams and their schedules here.


  • 2020 Record: 11-3
  • Preseason Prediction: 12-0
  • SEC Prediction: 8-0
  • Predicted losses: None
  • Big wins predicted: Clemson, Florida, Auburn

I think this is the year Georgia finally takes that step forward to be a true contender again. They have recruited probably better than anyone the last few years, they finally have the QB they need in JT Daniels, and the defense they have should be pretty elite.

The only thing I could think of that could hold this team back is if Kirby Smart doesn’t let the QB do what they do best. Don’t force JT Daniels to be an option QB, allow him to be a great drop-back passer. I keep thinking about the issue of Justin Fields and this would worry me if I’m a Georiga fan.


  • 2020 Record: 14-1
  • Preseason Prediction: 12-0
  • SEC Prediction: 8-0
  • Predicted losses: None
  • Big wins predicted: Miami, Florida, Texas A&M, LSU

I fully expect Alabama to reload like they normally do. I think they will have one of the best defenses in the country, especially with transfer Henry To’o To’o coming in.

My only concern for them would be on the offensive side of the ball. How will Bryce Young perform? Will Brian Robinson be enough to take over for Najee Harris? Is John Metchie the next big Alabama WR? How will Bill O’Brien do as OC? With all of these question marks, it does give me pause about them repeating, but this is Alabama and Nick Saban so I expect them to figure it out.

Texas A&M

  • 2020 Record: 9-1
  • Preseason Prediction: 10-2
  • SEC Prediction: 6-2
  • Predicted losses: Alabama, Ole Miss
  • Big wins predicted: Colorado, Auburn, LSU

Was last year’s team the start of the future for the Aggies? Or will they slide back to their previous middle-of-the-road status?

To me, it’s all about the quarterback. Can Haynes King or Zach Calzada live up to what Kellen Mond did? Or more importantly, will they do more than he did? In spite of all of their success, I still think Kellen Mond held them back at times. I am interested to see how they do with a different quarterback. They have recruited very well and I think it’s time to see how those young guys will produce.


  • 2020 Record: 8-4
  • Preseason Prediction: 10-2
  • SEC Prediction: 7-1
  • Predicted losses: Alabama, Georiga,
  • Big wins predicted: Tennessee, LSU, Florida State

Florida is a tough team for me to read. They lost so much from last year’s team that I’m thinking they will take a step back, but they are so much more talented than the rest of the division that they should still have a pretty good season.

I look at this as a rebuilding year with a chance for me if they can get the offense going with a new quarterback.

Ole Miss

  • 2020 Record: 5-5
  • Preseason Prediction: 10-2
  • SEC Prediction: 6-2
  • Predicted losses: Alabama, Texas A&M
  • Big wins predicted: Louisville, LSU, Mississippi State

Looking at other prediction sites out there, I think I may be one of the only writers who think so highly of Ole Miss. What can I say, I’m a huge fan of Matt Corral and Lane Kiffin. I think back to that Alabama game last year and how explosive they were, and wondering how that game would have turned out if they had any type of defense.

This year I expect them to have a better defense (I mean it can’t be worse right?) that can at least slow down teams a bit more, while they should have an amazing offense again.

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