Sha’Carri Richardson Will Not Compete In Olympics

Sha’Carri Richardson
Sprinter Sha’Carri Richardson after winning her heat race Photograph-Ashley Landis Dallas News

Tuesday afternoon, USA Track and Field unveiled the roster heading to Tokyo for the Olympic Games. However, there was one big change with Sha’Carri Richardson not being on the team. USA Track and Field released the following statement about Richardson not being selected, citing fairness to the other athletes on the team,

” So while our heartfelt understanding lies with Sha’Carri, we must also maintain fairness for all of the athletes who attempted to realize their dreams by securing a place on the U.S. Olympic Track & Field Team.”

Statement from USA Track and Field. 

Richardson not being on the team comes after winning the 100 meter race at the Olympic Trials. USA Track and Field announced after the race she tested positive for an illegal substance. As the punishment is for one month from when the punishment was announced on July 2.

With the track and field schedule for the Olympics, Richardson, with her suspension, would not be eligible for the 100-meter race on July 30. However, with Richardson’s suspension, she would be eligible for the 4×100 relay on Aug. 5.

The events of the past couple of days have been unfortunate for Richardson, who has taken full responsibility for the positive test. In an interview with Savannah Guthrie of NBC News, she accepted full responsibility for what happened after finding out her biological mother died,

“I’m not making an excuse or looking for empathy in my case. However, being in that position in my life, finding out something like that … Dealing with the relationship I have with my mother that definitely was a very heavy topic on me.”

Sha’Carri Richardson

USA Track and Field’s Response to the Sha’Carri Richardson Interview and The Status Of The Team

After Richardson’s interview with Guthrie, USA Track and Field CEO Travis T. Tygart released his own statement on Richardson’s suspension,

“The rules are clear, but this is heartbreaking on many levels; hopefully, her acceptance of responsibility and apology will be an important example to us all that we can successfully overcome our regrettable decisions, despite the costly consequences of this one to her”

USA Track and Field CEO Travis T. Tygart 

Team USA will have three women compete in the 100 meters and one who will focus on the 4×100. The three women who will compete in the 100-meter race. The three women who qualified in the 100 meters are Teahna Daniels, Javianne Oliver and Jenna Prandini. In the 4X100 meter race, Gabby Thomas will join Daniels, Oliver and Prandini. However, even without Richardson, the United States will be strong favorites in Track and Field.

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