Should the Chicago Bears be Taken Seriously?

Justin Fields
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After three weeks of the 2022 season, the Chicago Bears are standing with a 2-1 record. One week removed from an embarrassing loss to Green Bay, the Bears had a bounce-back win against the Texans. Additionally, the Bears have been seemingly slept on by a majority of critics and fans alike. But with their current winning record this begs the question, should they be taken seriously?

Chicago Bears Possess A Winning-Record

At the moment, optimism is high in the Windy City. While it is warranted, the question that is being asked is: how long can this last? Well, let’s take a look at the season so far. Week One was a muddy and murky game for both teams that had to compete in the awful conditions at Soldier Field on opening day. Week Two brought the team back to reality, as they were embarrassed on prime-time television. Lastly, their most recent win was decided by a field goal against the Houston Texans.

So, let’s look at the stats, and surprise, surprise, they don’t look too good. Justin Fields hasn’t thrown for over 150 yards yet to start the season. Additionally, he has thrown only two touchdowns compared to his four interceptions. Now, one might say his offensive line is a concern and that is completely valid. As he has been sacked ten times through three weeks.

Now, let’s compare Justin Fields’ stats and provide context to the opponents. Their regular season debut was against the newly led 49ers by Trey Lance. San Francisco had a lot of questions to answer with their new era upon them. Plus, the horrible field conditions didn’t help either team, but Chicago was able to pull away eventually. Week Two was a resounding loss for the franchise that can never seem to overcome their division rivals, the Packers. Currently, the Aaron Rodgers-led Packers are 2-1 and have knocked off the highly touted Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Tom Brady. Lastly, if it wasn’t for their week one tie, the Texans would be joining the Raiders as the only 0-3 teams in the NFL. While expectations are high for Jimmy Garoppolo and the 49ers, the Bears faced them before this new turn of events.

Pump The Brakes In Chicago

In conclusion, the Bears have escaped with two wins so far. Realistically speaking, their biggest competition so far has been the Green Bay Packers. The San Francisco 49ers that they faced isn’t the same team anymore. Also, the disappointing stats from Justin Fields and the company are simply unsustainable in today’s NFL. In the current age of high-powered offenses, the Bears are struggling to not only keep Fields upright but also to keep up as well. He has yet to eclipse 150 passing yards, and quite frankly, that’s embarrassing when compared to other teams. Simply put, the way this team is playing isn’t enough to keep a winning record. If they want to compete with better teams then they need more offensive firepower. While their record says they have a winning record, be careful what you see, as looks can be deceiving.

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