Sophomore Spotlight: Pressley Harvin III

It’s time for the Pittsburgh Steelers Sophomore Spotlight Series. During this series we’ll be taking a look at Pittsburgh’s second year players to determine their standing with the team, what their role might be in 2022-23, and how big of an impact they can have in year two.

Pressley Harvin III hopes to be more consistent in 2022-23
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Pressley Harvin III: Punter

2021-22 Season Review

The Pittsburgh Steelers selected Pressley Harvin III in the seventh round of the 2021 NFL Draft. Harvin beat out veteran punter Jordan Berry for the job during the preseason that year.

Coming out of college, Harvin was perhaps the most well-known punter in the draft. For his size, trick play potential, and of course – his leg. Harvin boasts a strong and powerful leg, giving Pittsburgh fans hope for a punter who could really flip the field. However, that didn’t go as planned.

On the field Harvin struggled. In 15 games he had 70 punts with an average of 42.6 yards per punt. Harvin struggled with his consistency from punt to punt. A large amount of errant kicks led to sub-40 yard punts. Harvin primarily struggled in the form of shanks out of bounds.

When Harvin is on however, he is on. He had a long of 64 yards last season, and four games with an average yards/punt of 48 or better.

Let’s also not forget the battles Harvin was fighting off the field. Harvin lost both his father and grandmother during the season. The two games Harvin missed were after the passing of his father.

2022-23 Season Preview

Pressley Harvin III is back punting for Pittsburgh this season. The Steelers had a second punter in camp, Cameron Nizialek, who punted in the team’s first preseason game against the Seattle Seahawks. It appears that was all for keeping reps down and a bit of competition. But Harvin was always going to be back for this season.

In his two preseason games this year Harvin punted eight times for an average of 45.9 yards per punt. This would have been in the top 20 among punters last season (compared to his 34th ranked number in 2021-22).

A few of his shorter punts in the preseason were based on field position. His 43 yard punt in the Detroit game landed inside the 20 yard line.

The number one thing we should expect from Pressley Harvin III this year is consistency. While he has the leg to go for it all every play, that got him into trouble at times last year. Hopefully this year we can expect to see the big boot when necessary, but more consistent performances throughout games and the season.

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