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Sports Betting Rules are designed to support your bets so you don’t lose as much and still have fun. Here are some helpful rules to keep you winning or at least having fun. Let me clarify with you now and this may surprise you, I am not perfect at sports betting. Meaning betting is hard and my goal is to give you as much opportunity to win but it is luck either way. So, before we move forward, please, please don’t try and make a living out of this. Have fun, bet small, win big. Questions? Great, now let’s cover some basic rules I follow that have been passed down to me from bookies, ticket writers, casino workers and gamblers.

Side note, these sport betting rules apply to most sports but you have some flexibility within the different sports. These rules can be bent and I will attach a recommendation after each rule per sport.

Sports Betting Rule #1:

The most important, Never, EVER, EVER bet on your favorite team because this can be the double whammy. You never want to put that type of pressure on the team you love. Don’t bet on them to win or against them to lose, just stay away. If they win the game but don’t cover the spread, you’re mad. If they lose the game and don’t cover the spread, you’re mad. I can’t state this one enough, never bet on your team. Don’t believe me, ask any Michigan or Cincinnati fans, neither of their teams won or even covered the spread. So, they lost money, they lost the game, they possibly lost their minds. Georgia fans please take note of this and just enjoy and cheer on your team.

(No flexibility in football, some flexibility in basketball and hockey, a rubber band in baseball.)

Sports Betting Rule #2:

Always take the home underdog to cover the spread, not to win. This is a common rule in sports book pros. They love the home team underdog to COVER the spread. Because in the blessed year of 2022, home field/court/ice still matter. A home crowd can virtually will their team to cover spreads and yes an occasional win. Be cautious of the neutral field though, no one team ever has the crowd advantage, it is just white noise for them.

(Some flexibility across the sports but applies really well to basketball and football and hockey. Baseball fans unless in playoffs don’t really get excited for much.)

Sports Betting Rule #3:

Streaks of winning or losing can really be a wrecking ball in your bets. So if a team is losing 5 in a row you figure they are due, if a team is winning 5 in a row you think how can you miss. Unless you jumped on the streak early and are rolling over your bets, don’t try and jump on that wagon. Streaks usually have a shelf life of three up or down.

(No flexibility in football and hockey, some flexibility in basketball and baseball.)

Sports Betting Rule #4:

Finally, try and stay away from popular games if possible. This is especially important at the college level. During football season there are roughly 80 games a week played. Do you really think the odds makers have that much time to accurately breakdown each game? No way. They focus on big money games, big name teams, big booster teams and individual game such as a Thursday night or Monday night game. Look for the smaller less cared about game. You will have more leeway in over/under and spreads.

(No flexibility for football, basketball, baseball, some flexibility on hockey.)

These 4 rules I try and live by when sports betting but if you read my head vs heart post which is above and a tremendous and entertaining read, you know the dilemma that I and most bettors go through. I am just trying to give you the tools to help you win more. Feel free to tip at any point. Be well, be safe and make good choices.

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