Stanford Vs USC
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This week of college football had many upsets and one of the best ones was Stanford upsetting #14 USC 42 to 28. Stanford was in control of this game from the start. They also had many big plays that made it difficult for USC to be close in this game. Stanford played an amazing game compared to their week 1 loss to Kansas State. USC had a dominant game in week1 and got dominated in week 2.

Stanford Dominates 

Stanford had control of the game early on both offense and defense. Their defense started the first half only allowing 10 points and the points were not easy for USC. USC had drives that last over 10 plays and many yards. Stanford’s defense also held the USC offense to 3 plays and a punt for every drive that was not a score. The defense slowed down a little in the second half but still was able to hold USC to 28 points. Their defense still made it super hard for USC to score. They were able to get an intercept that was returned for a touchdown. 

The offense was great in the whole game but in the first half, they had 21 of their 48 points. Their first score was a 1 play 87-yard rushing touchdown and they never really looked back after that. Their next two scores were 9 plays for 73 yards and 4 plays for 66 yards. That was just the first half, the second half was just as good as the first. The offense scored fast and effectually and put up another 21 points. They did have a missed field goal that was probably the only down point to their offense. 

USC Trojans not finishing

USC let up 21 points in the first half which made it hard for them to have a comeback. They let up 375 total yards and 248 yards of that was in the first half. However, they still allowed another 21 points during the second half. USC scored 10 in the first half but then scored 18 in the second. The USC offense had 408 total yards, more first downs, and more time of possession but could not finish their drives. They also had 9 penalties that cost 111 yards. USC had also thrown an interception that resulted in a touchdown. They did not seem like they could finish any drive they had. 


This was a game that everyone thought USC was going to come in and dominate but it did not go as planned. Stanford came out to win and they did just that and showed everyone that USC is not as good as people will believe. USC looked like they were going to be a dominant force all season but this loss to Stanford shows that they will not. I predicted that USC would win this game and I was wrong. USC will now have no chance in the College Football Playoffs.

USC will be playing at Washington State next week.

Stanford will be playing at Vanderbilt next week.

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