Pittsburgh Steelers Stats For Success: Steelers vs Dolphins

Pittsburgh Steelers
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The Pittsburgh Steelers are facing the Miami Dolphins on Sunday, October 23rd. On the season the Steelers are 2-4, and the Dolphins are 3-3. Let’s look at a few stats that will be key for Pittsburgh to hit to secure the victory.

Points Scored – 20 or more

This one feels pretty simple. The Steelers should score points in order to win the game. But hear me out – the Steelers are 2-1 this season when they score at least 20 points. And they are 0-3 when they fail to reach that mark.

Going up against a Dolphins offense that could explode at any moment really means Pittsburgh needs a cushion. A game of just field goals won’t help you when when Tyreek Hill or Jaylen Waddle could take it to the house on any play.

On the flip side Miami is just 1-3 when they give up 20 or more points. Even when Tua Tagovailoa was healthy and playing the Dolphins scored more than 21 points just once this season.

If the Steelers can at least get to 20 points, they should be in the game on Sunday.

Turnovers – 0

In order to score those points, Pittsburgh will need to keep possession of the ball as much as they can. When you already have a poor offense, you can’t hurt yourself more by committing turnovers.

Pittsburgh is 2-0 in games with no turnovers, and 0-4 in games in which they have at least one turnover.

Looking from Miami’s perspective, they rely on creating turnovers. They are 2-0 in games in which they cause at least one turnover. But just 1-3 in games where they create none.

Sacks – 3 or More

Pittsburgh has 12 sacks on the season which is just 22nd in the league. This is obviously because of the absence of T.J. Watt, but the Steelers still need to create more pressure on opposing quarterbacks.

Three or more sacks per game is a top ten pace in the NFL right now, which is a much better place to be.

Pittsburgh also needs to take advantage of the Dolphins offensive line. They have shown some improvement this season, but their starting tackles are both questionable heading into Sunday. Whether the Dolphins have backups in or hobbled starters the Steelers need to take advantage with a big sack game.

It’s pretty straight forward this week in terms of what the Pittsburgh Steelers need to get a win. Take care of the ball, put points on the board, and get after the quarterback. If they can do these things, they should be in line for a win on Sunday Night Football!

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