Stephanie McMahon Takes Over as WWE CEO

Stephanie McMahon Takes Over as WWE CEO! Photo Credit: WWE

Stephanie McMahon takes over as WWE CEO after Vince steps down. The position that Stephanie takes is an interim position for now. In her recent tweet, she said that it was only for the duration of the investigation. Stephanie McMahon has done a variety of roles in the company, both offscreen and on. She’s worked as head of creative, she’s been head of branding, among other key positions.

She’d recently stepped away for personal reasons with many people assuming that she was pretty much out of the company. However, Vince was accused of paying hush money to a mistress who had worked for WWE. The WWE Board of Directors announced it would investigate the whole affair.

The woman, who will not be named here, was a paralegal working for WWE. The report alleges that Vince doubled her salary at a time when WWE was firing wrestlers citing budget cuts. Many in the company had expressed surprise and bewilderment at the idea of this individual making double salary during a budget cut period.

The report was leaked to the Wall Street Journal, and it turned that the Board of Directors was investigating other claims over the years. It appears likely that Vince McMahon has had many such relationships with females over the year. No wrestlers have been confirmed as of yet, though it wouldn’t surprise this writer.

Between making Trish Stratus bark like a dog, and Vince having a stable of hot divas called “Vince’s Devils” it’s really hard to imagine he didn’t manage to be with one of his female talent. However, none of that is known. Until more is revealed, we can only play guesswork.

Stephanie McMahon taking over as CEO is a bit of a surprise because a lot of people would have figured in a situation like this, the position would go to the President of the WWE, Nick Khan. What effect will this have on WWE? Will Vince McMahon be gone completely, to never return? No one knows.

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