Steve Austin Wrestles One More Match!

Steve Austin Wrestles One More Match! Photo credit: WWE

Steve Austin Wrestles One More Match at WrestleMania against Kevin Owens. Stone Cold Steve Austin hadn’t wrestled in 19 years. His last match was at WrestleMania 19 against the Rock. I never wanted him to wrestle again because I always liked that his last match was against the Rock at WrestleMania.

However, I’m glad he wrestled against Kevin Owens at WrestleMania 38. I didn’t expect it to be good as it was, I didn’t even expect Austin to wrestle at all, I figured, we were getting two stunners, a mudhole stomping, and some beers. Go home happy. That has been the motif for Stone Cold Steve Austin appearances over the last few years.

One can imagine the absolute faith and trust that WWE must have in Kevin Owens. Austin and WWE just put the body of one of the greatest wrestling stars ever, complete with all his health issues into the hands of Kevin Owens. That level of faith is amazing. Anyone believing that WWE doesn’t care about Kevin Owens is clearly mistaken. If they didn’t like him, no way he’d ever get that match.

Others have sought a match against Austin, including Brock Lesnar, John Cena, and CM Punk. Paul Heyman even once tried to provoke Austin into a match on the Austin podcast. Even Hulk Hogan attempted to lure Austin into a match back in 2005.

The match itself was great for what it was. It was like an old attitude era styled match, with brawling and bumps outside the ring, even on concrete. Even getting a match out of Austin, I didn’t believe he’d take a bump on the concrete or the stage, but Austin did.

Steve Austin won the match but one’s got to think that Kevin Owens gets the rub out of this, even losing. Because he’s the man who unretired Steve Austin for one last run and he took care of Austin. Kevin Owens has something that no one else can ever take from him or claim.

Overall, it was like being a kid again. This is why I love wrestling.

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