Steve Cohen Suggests Selling at the Trade Deadline

New York Mets owner and spokesperson, Steve Cohen, held a press conference today regarding this struggling Mets team. He announced this pressing conference yesterday on Twitter stating : “I will be doing a press conference tomorrow before the game. You will get it from me straight.”

Steve Cohen
Mandatory Credit: Kathleen Malone-Van Dyke

Steve Cohen has made it clear that winning is his number one priority for the Mets. He set records this past winter after spending almost half a billion dollars in one offseason on free agents. However, the money spent hasn’t brought the results that Cohen and fans were hoping for. As of June 28th, the Mets are 7 games under .500 with a record of 36-43. For a team with a payroll of $364 million, being under .500 is virtually unacceptable.

Harsh Message from Steve Cohen During His Press Conference

During the press conference, Steve Cohen went on by saying that if the Mets do not show signs of improvement, moves will need to be made. By the tone of the press conference and Cohens desire to win, this is believed to be through trades at the deadline. He continued by stating: “The season’s not over. I’m preparing my management team for all possibilities. If we don’t get better, we have decisions to make at the trade deadline.”

The Mets are surely much better than they are playing. The talent on the roster is too rich to play inconsistently for this long. The NL East is a beast of a division, however, and the Braves are not slowing down. The Mets currently sit at 16.5 games out of first, but 8.5 games out of a wildcard spot. Like Steve Cohen said, the season is far from over. If the Mets are able to turn it around and play to their abilities, they can still play some baseball in October.

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