Strange Case of Logan & Jake Paul

Logan & Jake Paul. Photo Credit: The Mirror

The Strange Case of Logan & Jake Paul has to be one of the most unusual things you will see in sports today. Both are YouTube personalities who have made impacts in various sports industries despite being amateurs.

Logan Paul, Wrestler & Boxer

Logan Paul is infamous for his stunt in Japan’s suicide forest. More recently he appeared at WrestleMania 38, alongside The Miz. What most people didn’t see coming was that he wrestled a fantastic match. He did so well that Vince McMahon told him that he should stay in WWE. Logan Paul did more convincing moves and selling than a lot of full-time wrestlers today.

He’s also been a boxer and fought several fights. He faced another YouTube star known as KSI in two bouts. The battles gained so much attention that he eventually faced Floyd Mayweather. In the match, Logan Paul went the distance of an 8-round battle against Mayweather. However, it has been suggested even by Logan Paul himself that Mayweather took it easy to get some legs out of the fight. Regardless, the event sold 2 million buys on PPV and was a successful main event package in the boxing industry.

Jake Paul, Boxer.

Jake Paul wasn’t about to let his brother Logan have all the glory. Therefore, he entered his name into the White-Collar Boxing world, and then eventually Professional Boxing. Jake Paul has already boxed more matches than his brother, and there have been rumors of a Mayweather vs Jake Paul bout in the future.

Jake Paul’s boxing events have been the best drawing cards for the White-Collar Boxing circuit. As of right now, Jake Paul’s record is 5 wins and 0 losses, and four of them have been knockouts. He appears to be at the start of what is going to be a very interesting boxing career.


Jake and Logan claimed the attention of the Boxing and Wrestling Worlds. It’s frankly bizarre that two dudes from youtube have become the center of attention in sports. The only question is, what’s next? Will Logan Paul become a top star in WWE? Will Jake Paul become a big star in boxing? Who knows, but it is fun to watch.

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