Tag Team Titles Unified in WWE, but What’s Next?

The Uso’s after Unifying the Tag Team Titles on Friday Night Smackdown 5/20…. Photo Credits: WWE Media/ WWE.com

WWE went ahead last night with their plan of unifying the WWE Raw and Smackdown Tag Team Championships on Friday Night Smackdown. The Usos, defeated RK-Bro thanks to the help of Roman Reigns when he pushed Riddle off the top rope to save Jey Uso from a potential match-ending Super RKO. The Bloodline now possess both sets of the Tag Team titles and both World Championships, but what’s next?

What’s Next for RK-Bro & Roman?

The belts were unified last night as a means to continue on the Bloodline vs RK-Bro storyline for the next coming months. It’s been reported recently that Roman Reigns will continue to face off against the popular tag team throughout the next set of pay-per-views. This matchup will likely be some variation through SummerSlam. Which leaves the Usos and the new Unified Tag Team titles the opportunity to have their own storylines through each event. Roman will still have them to help him in his matches, but they should certainly be busy with the new targets on their backs from the entire tag team division. 

Building the Tag Team Championship Scene.

WWE can now take the time to build their tag team division, to potentially the strongest it has been in years. It’s already moved in a positive direction in the last 6 months, but will only continue to get stronger at the current moment. The Usos holding both sets of Titles, means the tag team feuds have to be developed and we should get fresh matchups more often than not for the champions. The Street Profits will see their shot surely this summer in one of the stadium shows. You have the new WWE version of the Bullet Club slowly developing, as well the Judgement Day which is not done growing yet. In the last half of year American Alpha has become a mainstay on tv and could make for an interesting heel vs heel storyline for the Usos. It’s not even known who WWE will pair together through the summer as potential challengers for the belts.


WWE has booked themselves into a unique situation we have not seen many times before since the brand split back in the early 2000s. Both World Championships and both Tag Team Title sets are both held by the same individuals respectively. This is definitely the first time in WWE history that the same faction has held that much gold, so what can WWE do? They have to deliver unique storylines that develop and unfold more and more weekly to keep fans entertained as they enter the first ever stretch of 3 stadium shows in a row for premium live events. WWE has the talent to pull off an amazing summer with its current landscape, but has to have all hands on deck to properly entertain the fans. 

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