Aaron Rodgers Tears Achilles, What this Means for the Jets

What does Aaron Rodgers’ Achilles Injury mean for the Jets?

With Aaron Rodgers Achilles injury known, the Jets will either turn to a familiar face in Zach Wilson or find another quarterback that can mesh chemistry with the young guys. Either way, what the Jets gave up to gamble on the 40-year-old is quite lengthy and not the good kind. What the Jets gave up …

Fantom Sports Fantasy Football

Fantom Sports Industries Fantasy Football League

Some of the writers came together here at Fantom Sports Industries and created a Fantasy Football league; of course we did! This is week 1 of war between a group of devoted gladiators striving for the championship! Loser has to buy whatever the champion wants from the Fantom Sports Merchandise Shop. Fantom Sports Fantasy Football …

NFL Quarterback 2022 Power Rankings

The quarterback position is arguably the most important position in all of sports. If you love quarterbacks, or if you just love football, you’re in the right place. Our NFL writers got together to compile a starting quarterback power rankings heading into the 2022 NFL season. Each writer submitted their rankings, and this is the final product.

The ultimate example of Fitzmagic came on Ryan Fitzpatrick's final throw in the Miami Dolphins victory against the Las Vegas Raiders

Fitzmagic’s Ultimate Moment Came With Miami

Fitzpatrick Proved Truly Magical Against Raiders “Fitzmagic,” a nickname given for Ryan Fitzpatrick at his best, never had a better showcase than December 26, 2020. On the road against the Las Vegas Raiders and trailing by two, Miami started its drive at its own 25 with only 19 seconds left. Ryan throws an undethrown pass …