Could Tamina Snuka join The Bloodline?

Tamina Snuka

You may remember when Tamina Snuka first appeared in the WWE, she was part of a faction. That faction was with her cousins Jimmy iand Jey Uso. Fast forward 13 years since she made her debut, she hasn’t really gotten a big push. Sure, she’s a former WWE Women’s tag team champion and nine-time 24/7 champion. Though, throughout her career, she hasn’t seen much action in the Women’s World Heavyweight Division.

Over the course of the last year, there have been rumors that Snuka and potentially Naomi (Trinity Fatu, Jimmy’s wife) could join the Bloodline. There’s also Ava Raine (Rock’s Daughter) who has been rumored to join the stable. Well, Snuka has taken Raine under her wing, so it would make sense to have them join together. Though, Naomi seems like a long shot at the moment as she just mader debut on Impact Wrestling.

Could now be the time?

When the Bloodline first started, the WWE had given Jey a massive push. Whether it was fighting against his cousin, Roman Reigns, or being by his side as the ‘Right Hand Man’. Add Jimmy Uso, Sami Zayn and Solo Sikoa to that picture and all three have gotten a big push.

“Everybody wants to be part of the bloodline,” Snuka recently said. “I’m proud of that bloodline. They are all thriving. They are finding who they are. They each have something to prove. It’s a family bond.”

Not only do the current Bloodline members have something to prove, but Tamina Snuka does as well. She has yet to receive a chance in the singles division on the Main Card. Now, she may not be the ideal candidate to defeat Bianca Belair for her title, but it’d be a “feel good” moment for not only Snuka, but for her cousins and the entire Anoa’i-Snuka family.

“I feel like everybody wants to be part of The Bloodline, So yeah, I want to be part of The Bloodline.”

When a few members of a family are doing well, others want to do the same. That’s not just something that happens in the wrestling world but in life as well.

“You know how it is,” she continued, “WWE will hit you with a surprise from the side of the face … I’m proud of that bloodline.”

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