Tensions Are Rising In San Diego

San Diego
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The San Diego Padres are fighting for a playoff spot. They are currently sitting on the outside of the second wild-card spot. Though it seems there may be some tensions rising.

Though, not really sure what happened in the dugout before this video.

Why This May Be Good For The Padres?

The San Diego Padres may benefit from the little heated argument as it could unite the chemistry in the locker room. Fernando Tatis has been moving around quite a bit over the past few weeks and it appears that he may be back at Shortstop. But in the video, you can hear Machado saying “It’s not all about you.” If Tatis goes on to accept what Manny Machado said and be more of a team player, it could light a spark under the Padres as a whole.

Why It May Be Bad For The Padres?

The problem with what has happened in the Padres dugout really depends on whether or not Tatis accepts what Machado said. If Tatis doesn’t accept it, then the Padres may have some more problems to deal with.

The San Diego Padres are now sitting 2.5 games out of the Wild Card, with one game to play against the Cardinals tomorrow. As well as 13 games to play left in the season.

If the argument drags on, it could lead to more losses.


As both professionals and teammates, Machado and Tatis should move past this and help their team get into the playoffs. The Padres still have a chance to make the playoffs, but loss-by-loss it is getting harder and harder for the Padres. They need three teams to lose three games each, and the Padres need to win those games just to get back in the spot, they then need to stay ahead in the race.


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