The 49ers QB Problem

The 49ers QB Problem
Chris Szagola / DPA

San Francisco has fallen short of the ultimate prize for yet another year in a row bringing their championship drought to 29 years. It was a disappointing NFC Conference Championship Game not only for their fans but NFL fans in general. They got demolished 31-7 by the one-seeded Eagles after Brock Purdy got injured just a few minutes into the game. In some sort of cruel joke from the Football Gods, he was the third injured 49ers QB this season. He wasn’t even the last. Fourth stringer Josh Johnson had to leave after experiencing concussion symptoms.

Now the 49ers head into the offseason with a bright future, but many paths to choose from to direct their franchise.

The above tweet shows just how truly decimated their QB room ended up. It truly speaks volumes to the rest of the roster that they even made it as far as they did. You have one of the best halfbacks in the league behind a stout line led by arguably the best-left tackle in the league. You have an exceptional wide receiver room in addition to one of the most impactful tight ends you can find. All of this on top of the best defense in the league. And at QB? A bunch of question marks.

We have Jimmy Garoppolo whose injury and expiring contract likely solves a decent portion of the 49ers QB problems. If you told anyone before the season that not only, would he still be on the team but be playing significant snap numbers, they probably would’ve assumed something horrible had gone wrong with Trey Lance. And they’d be right. After playing one game in a monsoon, Lance broke his leg effectively ending his season and answering absolutely no questions we had about the young QB. The 49ers will be going into their third season with him with basically nothing but the potential to put their faith in, at least until he shows them something.

Then we have Brock Purdy who if you would’ve told someone before the season that he’d be starting in the playoffs they’d probably ask you for what team. Now, Mr. Irrelevant finds himself at the forefront of a QB controversy. We don’t know what Trey Lance is, but we do like what we’ve seen from Purdy.

While Purdy doesn’t have the experience of Jimmy G or the athleticism of Lance, he still produced as well as any playoff team could’ve hoped their QB too. What the 49ers have to figure out is if this guy is the real deal, or if this was a flash in the pan. Do they trade one for more assets and roll with the other? Do they then bring back Garoppolo as the veteran presence and backup? Or do they roll with the most inexperienced but full of potential duo? The 49ers QB room is one of the NFL’s best worst problems to have and we likely won’t have the answers to a said problem until well into next season.

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