The Buffalo Sabres Are Not Doing Right by Their Players

Buffalo Sabres
Harry Scull Jr. /Buffalo News

The Buffalo Sabres organization and medical staff should be ashamed of themselves. Jack Eichel, who wants to be traded, has a serious injury. Eichel is the captain of the team and best player. He sustained a serious back injury which ended his season. Surgery is needed to fix this issue. That surgery is an artificial disk replacement in his back. The Buffalo Sabres are blocking him from having the surgery. On top of that, the team agreed to trade Eichel and reports came out that a trade could happen at any moment. It still hasn’t happened yet. The Buffalo Sabres are jerking Jack Eichel around, and it’s just not right.

But Wait, There’s More

This is not the first time this has happened. Former Buffalo goalie Robin Lehner, who now plays for the Vegas Golden Knights, also spoke about his experience with the medial staff. Lehner told the story how when he was with Buffalo and he sprained his ankle. It was a high sprain and he tore everything in his foot. According to Lehner, the team hired roughly 12 or 13 people who never worked with hockey players before. Because of this, he got worse and had to have season ending surgery. One week after the injury, he was placed in a special boot and told to get on the exercise bike. Keep in mind he had the worst grade sprain you can have.

And it gets worse. Instead of being placed in a walking boot until the ankle healed, three weeks into rehab the staff had him leg pressing 300 pounds. As a result, the injury got worse. Lehner also says he and Eichel aren’t the only ones that were victim to this. Without naming specific players, he said the medical staff mishandled other injures when he was a member of the team. Eichel is only 24 years old. He deserves to continue his career and go to a quality organization where they are close to winning a championship. Buffalo has been a dumpster fire for far too long, and it’s because in part to decisions like this. Additionally, it doesn’t seem like anyone has been held accountable.

FInal Thoughts

This is absolutely disgraceful and unacceptable. If the owners and management knew about this and did nothing, head should roll and an investigation should be launched by the NHL immediately. We have seen far too many examples of player health mismanagement in the college and professional ranks. Enough is enough.

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