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The Eagles success in 2022 could set for a future letdown

The Eagles succeeded this past season, but their success could ultimately lead to sadness.
Credit-Ross D. Franklin/Associated Press

It’s been almost two weeks since the gut-wrenching, spirit-crushing loss to the Chiefs in the Super Bowl. A loss that most likely left Eagles’ fans lamenting with beer and wings and the flipping of cars. This past week, a sunny day in Philadelphia could feel gloomy due to the number of frowns walking the streets. Now is probably not the best time to touch on this touchy subject, but it needs to be said. Yes, the Eagles made the Super Bowl. This past season sparked a feeling that fans have not had since the 2018 Super Bowl victory against Tom Brady. However, just like the last, the Eagles’ success sets fans up for sadness.

The Eagles capped off a 14-3 regular season with a stellar postseason that just fell short of becoming national champions. The team defied all expectations. They were perfect until losing at the Linc in Week 9 against the Washington Commanders. One loss, shrug it off. That’s what the Eagles did, leading them to the biggest stage.

After being clowned for his flower and soil speech, head coach Nick Sirianni has amassed a record of 24-7. He should have been a candidate for Coach of the Year but got overlooked due to Howie Roseman doing his job well and providing Sirianni with a good roster. Jalen Hurts finished second in MVP voting. The Eagles had six players make All-Pro.

But I will tell you why this super-successful season could lead to a letdown. The goal each year is to win the Super Bowl, and if you root for a team that doesn’t have that goal, it’s probably time to move cities. However, there will be an overwhelming expectation amongst Eagles fans for the team to return to the Super Bowl. The only thing the team can do to exceed expectations is a win, which is a challenging feat.

The Eagles won back in 2018. It took them five years to make it back. It doesn’t seem like it, but five seasons is a long time. Before the victory in Minnesota, the Eagles had last been to a Super Bowl in 2005, which was a loss to the Brady-led Patriots. For reference, that’s three head coaches, six starting quarterbacks, and 1,000 cheesesteaks.

Furthermore, the Eagles have lost their offensive coordinator and defensive coordinator, with many key players set to hit free agency. Coming off of the impressive season that the team just produced, it will be difficult to replicate that.

Nonetheless, Eagles fans should temper their expectations for the team next season. I’m not saying they won’t be good. But there are lots of factors that could affect how far the team goes next season.

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