The Elena Delle Donne Show Continues

Photo Credit / Stephen Gosling – NBAE via Getty images

Atlanta meeting Washington head to head for the 3rd time this season. Washington Mystics are not familiar with the play of the Dream’s Tiffany Hayes being back with the roster. The last time Atlanta played the Mystics (May 24th), this was the lowest scoring game for Atlanta with only 54 points. Atlanta was looking to answer back with a win this evening, but “The Elena Delle Donne Show Continues.” The Dream’s Rhyne Howard was looking forward to the match up as a “payback”. Dream’s Coach Wright makes an early decision to start Kia Vaughn over Cheyenne Parker early at the start of the game. Atlanta brings the energy at the beginning of the game going on an 8-0 run. With 1 minute in the 1st quarter, Washington answers back by going on a 13-4 run leading now 17-16. Dream’s Kristy Wallace is fouled pretty hard going for a basket, she drains both free throws bringing the lead back to 18-17. Mystics Shatori Walker Kimbrough leads her team with 7 points and ties the end of the 1st quarter 20-20. In the 2nd quarter, Atlanta has scored 14 points in the quarter. Mystics Shakira Austin brings so much in Washington’s defense with two huge blocks in transition. It’s a total shoot out through out the quarter. Atlanta is still managing to hold on to the lead before halftime. Elena Delle Donne posts up and drains a three and gives the Mystics the lead. Mystics are now on a 10-2 run. Washington snatches the momentum from the Dream taking the lead at halftime. Delle Donne has 13 points at the half. (score 41-36)

Washington Mystics, Natasha Cloud and Delle Donne combined together with a total of 21 points in the first half. Atlanta is currently at 8 turnovers at the start of the 3rd quarter. Washington has a few players flirting with foul trouble, one being Shakira Austin with 3 personal fouls. Elena Delle Donne (EDD)takes charge with 17 points, leading her team’s score 53-48. The Dreams start to claw their way back with a huge basket from Mo Billings, cutting the lead to just 1 with under 3 minutes in the 3rd. Mystics hold on with the lead going into the 4th. (58-54) The Dream are in desperate need of a bucket in this quarter. They struggle at the beginning by trying to answer back to the Mystics’ scoring drive. Myisha Hines-Allen is becoming Washington’s weapon with 9 points. Washington is having a great start in this quarter. Meanwhile, Atlanta has not scored a 3-point shot the entire game. (0-10 from the three) The Mystics have players in double-figures; Washington’s lead is now 71-62. They have 40 points in the paint! The Elena Delle Donne Show continues as she racks up 26 points for the night. The Dream never found their groove as Washington extends their 6 game winning streak – winning 85-66.

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