The NBA’s Newest Problem

In the past week since Wednesday, the NBA has been met with its newest dilemma. For a majority of sports, when the word problem is brought up it usually relates to the action on the field or court. However, in the past six days, the NBA’s problem has been off the court with fans misbehaving.

Let us start with the first incident Wednesday night at the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia. Russell Westbrook was dealing with an injury during the game. As the Wizards trainers are taking him back to the locker room, a fan right above the awning intentionally drops on Westbrook. The Sixers have now banned that fan indefinitely from watching the team play at Wells Fargo Center.

However, that was not the only incident with fans; Wednesday at New York’s Madison Square Garden, a New York Knicks fan spit on Atlanta Hawks player Trae Young. The fan who spit on Trae Young has been suspended indefinitely from the Garden.

After the two fan incidents Wednesday night, the NBA issued a statement Thursday that addressed the issues with Westbrook and Young. The NBA, in response to Wednesday night, would release the Fan Code of Conduct.

Saturday night, during game two of the Memphis Grizzlies and Utah Jazz series Ja Morant’s family was heckled by three Jazz fans. Those fans were ejected from the arena. However, a ban for those fans has not been announced.

However, Sunday night, the incident where there could have actually been harm occurred in TD Garden. After the game Sunday night, Kyrie Irving would walk over the leprechaun on the midcourt logo. As Irving heads into the locker room, a fan from the stands threw a water bottle intended to hit him but would barely miss. That fan who threw the water bottle at Kyrie Irving was arrested.

The most recent incident occurred Monday night, as a fan ran on the court during the Sixers and Wizards game. However, of all the incidents listed above, the players were in no danger as the fan was tackled by security.

this is someone trying to get their 15 seconds of fame.

In the past week, all of this evidence, from harassing players to someone running on the court, fuels the NBA’s newest problem.

With this time of the year when the NBA traditionally has their highest ratings during the playoffs, unfortunately as of late, the story has been about action off the court.

This year it has been focused on the behavior of the fans in the stands. So until the behavior in the arena calms down, the NBA playoffs will be overshadowed by the fans in attendance.

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