The Riskiest NBA Free Agents

NBA Free Agents
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The riskiest NBA Free Agents of this upcoming class of 2023 are a peculiar group of athletes. Without a doubt, they are top talents within the NBA. Any team with the ability and chance to sign each of these players will greatly appreciate having them. For instance, each of these players will help take a contending team over the top. However, with some of these NBA Free Agents, the question is the risk worth the reward for a particular team.

Draymond Green (Golden State Warriors)

Investing star money in Draymond Green carries risks for any organization. Green is 33 and has only shot better than 33.7 percent from three-point range only once. He still has the ability to contribute in various ways to the game but in today’s NBA the three-ball is very pivotal. Green can still run an offense effectively. It is important to realize that Green has only played for the Warriors for the duration of his career. Green was the driving factor during their dynasty and was the heart of those teams. A team should want him if he’s only costing them 15 percent of the salary cap. Which is about 20 million dollars a year. Some teams may not want the antics that come along with Green in regard to his productivity on the court.

James Harden (Philadelphia 76ers)

James Harden’s market isn’t difficult it’s simply the 76ers or the Houston Rockets. Harden has a history with the Rockets and has been on two separate teams since his trade from the Rockets. Only if Harden decides to take meetings should other teams should be interested. He forced his way out of Houston and Brooklyn. With things not going the way he planned with the 76ers, there could be a situation in which he would want to leave if he declines his player option. At 34 other teams may emerge and look for a sign-and-trade scenario. One of the biggest question marks with Harden is ultimately what he wants. The 76ers can’t afford to lose him if they want to continue to contend. As well as the Rockets have plenty of cap space to sign Harden.

Kristaps Porzingis (Washington Wizards)

Entering this year, it looked like Kristaps Porzingis would be better off exercising his $36 million player option for 2023-24. However, he then delivered the best season of his professional career. From his performance during this season, he might have just made himself a lot of money. Which may come at a big risk for any organization. Porzingis’s max salary next year is $43.4 million. It would now be a shocker if Porzingis doesn’t decline his player option in favor of a new deal that guarantees him more money over the long haul. No team is going to pay him that money but once again a sign-and-trade is a possibility. With Porzingis teams run the risk of him not being able to match the same production he had a season ago.

Kyrie Irving (Dallas Mavericks)

Kyrie Irving is a very skilled offensive player. His talent is rivaled by what many consider unpredictability. The Dallas Mavericks are his fourth team in which each of his departures was messy and very public. Teams will consider and think long and hard about signing Irving to a max deal. A four-year max contract for him with the Mavericks would be 210.1 million dollars. Or a five-year deal is worth 270 million. While other teams can offer 201.7 million. His skill level and talent are there and always have been. He averaged 27.1 points last season, but the issue for many teams as stated earlier is the unpredictability.

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