Three Potential Free Agent Signings On Both Sides Of The Ball For The Rams

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The Rams typically don’t go too crazy in free agency. They prefer to trade for their players if they aren’t drafting them. In 2019, the Rams signed Eric Weddle and Clay Matthews, both of whom were a free agent at the time. In 2017, they signed Andrew Whitworth and Robert Woods. So, it’s been a while since the Rams have made a big splash in free agency. They had to make a bit of a splash this year though. The Rams lost a starting guard, their CB2, a nose tackle, one of the best edge threats to ever put a uniform on, their WR2, and their anchor left tackle. All of this coming off of a Super Bowl victory in 2021. The Rams signed Allen Robinson to be their WR2 and Bobby Wagner to man the middle of the field. Both players signed with the Rams as a free agent.

Although the Rams could be successful without an extra addition to the team, they seem to have room for one more piece. According to, the Rams have a tad over $5 million in free cap space. With how the Rams have been able to manipulate contracts, this should be enough to bring one more free agent in. I will be giving you three players on each side of the ball that I think the Rams could look to bring in. These are not necessarily what I think will happen. Nor do I think they need to make a certain move to make it back. I am just going off of the team’s tendencies from years prior.

Three Potential Offensive Additions

Odell Beckham Jr.

We’ll start off with a pretty simple option. Odell was very important in the late stretch for the Rams. OBJ tore his ACL in the Super Bowl and will not be available until late into the season. Although this would typically be an issue for teams looking to add a free agent receiver, he has already been in the system. The Rams’ offense is complex, but Beckham seemed to have a grasp on it within a few weeks. He seems to enjoy the city and has let it be known he wants to come back. There seems to be a difference in opinions when it comes to his contract. This should be an easy fix, the Rams only have so much to work with. The Rams don’t have a ton of depth at WR after Allen Robinson and Cooper Kupp. Van Jefferson has been taking strides, but it falls off a bit after him. Hopefully Tutu Atwell can stay healthy and Ben Skowronek improves.

Will Fuller

This is a bit of a pipe dream, but with the Rams anything is possible. The Rams don’t necessarily have a wideout to take the top off of defenses. Cooper Kupp is methodical, and Allen Robinson is very good at contested catches. If the Rams could land the speedy Fuller, that offense could be wildly versatile. Fuller only played in two games in 2021. He was suspended the first two weeks of the season, and then broke his finger in week 4. That broken finger sidelined him for the season. Eager to come back better than ever, Fuller likely won’t be as expensive as he once was. He could sign with the Rams on a one year prove it deal. If he signs and were to stay healthy, that would be a very scary WR core.

T.Y. Hilton

The longtime Colt is a free agent and seems to be looking through his offers. T.Y. Hilton brings experience and reliability to the field. These could be two attributes that the Rams value a lot when in search of a third option WR. Yes, the Rams could bring in one of the younger WRs that are left, like the ones I have listed above. Or they could sign the savvy vet who has been a reliable target throughout his entire career. This seems like a more realistic option. This move gives the young guys in the room (Jefferson, Atwell, Skowronek) a vet that has been through it all. He’s fought from the bottom of the depth chart, learned from his mistakes, been a premier starter, was the heartbeat of Indianapolis, he’s seen it all. Hilton wouldn’t have to take one near as much of a workload as he has in years past, which would help maintain his health tremendously.

Three Potential Defensive Additions

Akeem Hicks

Akeem Hicks has been a name floating around as a potential Rams signee. He would be a very nice addition and would give Aaron Donald a sense of familiarity to when he played with Michael Brockers. Hicks would likely be used in a similar way to how Brockers was used for the Rams. He is a good run stopper with pass rush availability. The Rams’ defense wasn’t the same after they traded Michael Brockers away. And I think that is why the Von Miller trade became so vital. The Rams could use an extra talented big man up front. Hicks has been a grinder his entire career and could wish for a nice send off by finishing his career in Los Angeles. This move makes quite a bit of sense to me on both sides.

Robert Quinn

I should probably put an asterisk on this one, as Robert Quinn is not a free agent. However, it seems like he is available and could be cut/traded for at any point moving forward. Quinn is coming off of a career year and is a former Ram. He played for the Rams in St. Louis and was a bright spot on a not-so-great squad. Quinn would likely have to be cut if he were to play for the Rams again, but a trade is possible. If the Bears were to pay for some of his contract, a deal could get done. Robert Quinn’s role would likely be similar to Von Miller’s last season for the Rams. He already knows the benefits of lining up alongside Aaron Donald, why not line up with the veteran version?

Trey Flowers

Trey Flowers is another option to play Von Miller’s 2021 role for the Rams this season. Flowers is coming of a disappointing stint in Detroit and is likely trying to find the place that can rejuvenate his career. Sound familiar? The Rams could be that team to help Flowers, as he fits almost exactly what they are missing on defense. The money would not be the same as his prior contract. Not even close. But he’d be in the position to succeed, likely on a one year prove it deal, and would still have the opportunity to sign a contract before he turns 30. This all sounds relatively ideal for someone in his position. Is it likely to happen? No. But Los Angeles is absolutely one of his best options if he wants to have success and win.

Closing Thoughts

It is difficult to predict where a free agent is heading in the offseason. You can speculate all you want, but sometimes you get an Allen Robinson to the Rams signing that comes out of left field. The Rams don’t need to acquire any of these players. Their wide receiver room is still good, it just doesn’t have a ton of depth. Their defense will be fine if there are no additions as well. I did not include any secondary options because I think the Rams are good back there. They made their necessary acquisitions for the secondary in the draft. Who do you think the Rams will sign? Do you think they will make a move before the season starts? Or is it more likely that they make a move mid-season? Let us know down below!

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