Tim Tebow: less then perfect debut

Tim Tebow
Jacksonville Jaguars tight end Tim Tebow in action during the game against the Cleveland Browns. Bob Self, Florida Times-Union

The Jacksonville Jaguars had their first preseason game this Saturday and they had many eyes on them. You would think that it was for their number one overall pick Trevor Lawrence, but it was not. All eyes were on Tim Tebow and his return on his 34th birthday. He did not come back as a quarterback which he played in college and NFL. This time around he came back as a tight end. 

On paper Tebow seems like he would be another great tight end being 6’3” and 255 pounds. It seems though that he has not made an impression on the coaching staff yet. “Tebow is in the midst of a heated position battle with a loaded tight end room. The Heisman trophy winner was listed as the No. 4 tight end on Jacksonville’s unofficial depth chart,” according to CBS sports. Tebow did not have a great performance that could hopefully change that. 

Eye on Tim Tebow

Having only one target during the game that seemed to be stolen by another wide receiver. He also had a pass to him that he tipped and was intercepted until it was called incomplete. It was a slow game for Tebow and his 16 snaps that he played in the game. 

Tebow did not have many things that went well for him during this game. “Tebow also had a lowlight that went viral, as a poor blocking attempt was caught on camera. He even got up and then appeared to spear a teammate with his helmet by accident,” stated in a CBS sports aritcle. It seems like Tebow needs to work on his blocking because his place on the Jacksonville Jaguars will not change unless it changes. 

Tim Tebow has a rare chance to make a comeback. He has not played football since 2012 and now is coming back as a tight end. Tebow will not be like the elite tight ends in the league like Travis Kelce on the Chiefs and his past seasons. Tebow has to make huge changes in his game and has to do better in the next two preseason games unless the preseason may be the last time we see him play. 

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