Titans VS Cardinals Preview

Cardinals Vs Titans Preview- ESPN

The First Sunday of NFL football kicks off this week. Their is a full game slate but this game is probably one of the best ones. As the Cardinals travel to Tennessee to face the Titans, this game should be high scoring. Considering both offenses are very high powered, both teams also have very good receiving cores. As the Titans have Jones, and Brown. And the Cardinals have Hopkins who is considered on the best in the NFL.

Titans Vs Cardinals Preview- Titans

The Tennessee Titans come into this season which very high exceptions as they are one of the Super Bowl Favorites. But just like last year it’s going to depend on the defense as the offense was very good last year. But their defense lost them a lot of games, but they have gotten a lot of free agents. This year as Bud Dupree was a big pickup, they also let go. Of Adoree Jackson which to me was a great move considering all of his injuries the last couple of years,. But expect the titans to have a very high powered offense this season. And score a lot of points

Titans Vs Cardinals Preview- Cardinals

The Arizona Cardinals to me have the most underrated offenses in the NFL. As Kyler Murray is an elite QB and they have a great WR core. Expect them to put up a lot of points this year with their high powered offense. They also improved on defense the offseason picking up JJ Watt. Bottom line don’t be surprised if the Cardinals compete for their division. And get a playoff spot as they are a legit team


Expect this game to be very high scoring and expecting game. But I think the titans find a way to pull it out. Final Score: Titans 41, Cards 39

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