Top 10 Power Forwards Heading into 2023-24 Season

Don’t look now, but the Power Forward position is becoming one of the strongest positions in the NBA, with many top-tier players coming from the position. Not only are they becoming more agile and better shooters from outside, but for many of the top 10 power forwards their all-around game is impressive.

How I Rank the Top 10?

First and foremost, I establish who is a small forward. Then I begin the analysis process, including historical performance, skill, arsenal, health and availability, and near-future expectations.

Before diving into our top 10 power forward rankings of 2023, note that if a player is not on this list, he may be found in either our point guards, shooting guards, small forwards lists or in our upcoming center list.

Here are the top 10 NBA Power Forwards’ rankings

10. Julius Randle – New York Knicks

From year to year, the question with Randle is which version we will see. A season ago, we saw the efficient version and in fact Randle was an All-Star, posting 25.1 points and 10 rebounds per game. The Knicks have now added Donte DiVincenzo to pair with Jalen Brunson and Josh Hart.

9. Draymond Green – Golden State Warriors

Dray is one of the best defensive power forwards of all time, but he’s limited on offense. The Warriors have consistently been one of the best defensive teams in the NBA due to their prowess. Green has undoubtedly been the heart and soul which is why he is still marked as a Top 10 power forward.

8. Pascal Siakam – Toronto Raptors

The Raptors skipped some steps after winning the title in 2019. Siakam has helped keep them afloat while they’ve developed players. Over the past couple seasons, they’ve developed players like OG Anunoby, Scottie Barnes, Malchi Flynn, and Chris Boucher. Has he already hit his ceiling, or does the 28-year-old have another floor he can climb to?

7. Paolo BancheroOrlando Magic

The 2022-23 Rookie of the year quickly showed us that he can be one of the best power forwards in the NBA when healthy. he way he moves, and the feel for the game that he has at 6-foot-10, 255 pounds is quite unusual – in a good way of course. He has the physical tools and the high basketball IQ that will make his teammates better.

6. Zion Williamson – New Orleans Pelicans

When healthy, Williamson has proved that he’s one of the best. That’s the key though his performance and where he lands on this list all hinges on his health and conditioning. The 23-year-old has the size, skills and athleticism to be one of the best players in the league. The pieces are in place in New Orleans, if they are at full strength, to skyrocket up the Western Conference standings this season. 

5. Evan Mobley – Cleveland Cavaliers

Mobley is an elite defender an at some point we will hear his name called for DPOY. His offense is probably the most underrated of all power forwards. Still, he has a lot of room to grow. He’s still very raw and unpolished on the offensive end. With the way the Cavaliers’ roster is structured, they don’t need Mobley to be a prolific scorer.

4. Anthony Davis – Los Angeles Lakers

Nobody is going to debate Davis’ talent. In fact, he’s still on the verge of being a top 10 player in the NBA. Many believe he is. Over the past few seasons, he has missed half of the Lakers games. So like Zion, his performance now hinges on health and conditioning.

Time is running out for Davis and LeBron to get their second title together. Can Davis stay healthy enough this season for the Lakers to have a chance?

3. Domantas Sabonis – Sacramento Kings

The Kings turned some heads in their development of talent last year. They not only made the playoffs last season, but they made it as a third seed. A lot of that success was in part thanks to Sabonis in a trade from Indiana. A trade that worked out for both sides.

Sabonis was both the rebounding champ and an All-NBA player in 2022-23. Can he build off of an impressive season?

2. Karl-Anthony Towns – Minnesota Timberwolves

Some may still consider Towns to be a Center, but with Rudy Gobert on the roster I have bought into the idea that the former is now a stretch-four. Towns is best known for his outside shooting at his size, he’s better than any 7-footer we’ve seen. Whether or not the core of Towns, Gobert and Anthony Edwards can make it deep has yet to be seen. That will remain to be the question heading into the new season.

Last season, they lost in the playoffs to the eventual champs… Denver Nuggets.

1. Giannis Antetokounmpo – Milwaukee Bucks

The “Greek Freak” is well on his way to being one of the most dominant Power Forwards of all time, he’s definitely a top 10 player in the NBA right now. In fact, this is the third or fourth year that Giannis tops the list and there’s no reason to believe that that will change anytime soon. With Lillard now on the roster, the Bucks have a formidable duo.

Honorable Mention: Victor Wembanyama – San Antonio Spurs

The 19-year-old is one of the most polarizing prospects the NBA has seen. At least, since LeBron James entered the league. The 7-4 Frenchman looked promising in Summer League, so we’ll see how he does against top-tier players.

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