Top 12 Quarterbacks For Dynasty Leagues in 2022

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This article ranks the top 12 quarterbacks to have in dynasty fantasy football heading into the 2022 season. It is the first in a series where I’ll share my two cents regarding each lineup position.

The process

I have chosen to rank the top 12 because typically that is what constitutes a QB1. This is not a prediction of the top 12 QBs in fantasy. They are my opinions as to which quarterbacks I’d most like to have on my dynasty team.

The main factors for me when evaluating a dynasty quarterback are age, proven ability, situation, and upside. I also factor in my own biases because it’s more fun that way! The number after the players’ names are their QB ranking from this past season according to FantasyPros.

The Top 3 – Set ’em and forget ’em

  1. Patrick Mahomes (4) – Mahomes is simply different. While 2021 saw the Chiefs’ offense look mortal for a handful of games, we saw Mahomes return to greatness soon after. I am not betting against him anytime soon. He has the rare blend of proven ability, winning pedigree, durability, and he is still plenty young for a QB.
  1. Joe Burrow (5) – I’m probably higher on Burrow than most, but I love how the Bengals finished the season. Burrow led Cincinnati to a division title, and nearly threw for 1000 yards over a two-game stretch. I think he will become more prolific with each game next year as he continues to cultivate the chemistry between Ja’Marr Chase and his other weapons.
  1. Josh Allen (1) – Allen continues to mature with his decision-making, but he hasn’t lost his aggressiveness. Even though we want him to run less for the injury risk, I don’t think he’ll stop. That’s what continues to make him one of the best quarterbacks to have in dynasty. He also has such a cannon that he should honestly throw for 300 yards and run for 50 every game.

Numbers 4, 5, & 6 – High floors, vaulted ceilings

  1. Kyler Murray (10) – Murray almost seemed to regress a little during the Cardinals’ poor second half of the 2021 regular season, but he is still one of the fastest players on the field when he plays. He will rack up the rushing yards and touchdowns (relative to other QBs) for years to come. Add in a healthy DeAndre Hopkins and a more experienced Rondale Moore next year? There is no reason Murray shouldn’t be considered one of the best quarterbacks to have as a dynasty asset.
  1. Lamar Jackson (14) – The Ravens missed the playoffs this year, and Jackson battled through more injuries than we are used to seeing. However, his playmaking ability is undeniable, and he always has the “boom” possibility. Getting J.K. Dobbins back will be huge for this Ravens’ offense, and I expect a big fantasy year from Lamar.
  1. Justin Herbert (2) – Justin Herbert plays quarterback like he’s 32 years old, but he’s 23. He probably could be higher on this list, but just lacks a bit of the rushing prowess some of the others have. Nonetheless, Herbert is elite. He has great offensive weapons, and he uses them. I would hope the Chargers fortify their TE position to give him a different kind of weapon, but even now I’m excited for him again in 2022.

Numbers 7, 8, & 9 – Youthful excitement and uncertainty

  1. Trey Lance (40) – I may be partial because I have Trey Lance in my fantasy league, but I cannot wait for him to get the reins in San Fran. In limited action, he has put up numbers that would suggest he becomes one of the top-end quarterbacks in dynasty leagues going forward. The 49ers’ offense is creative, and Lance should be the beneficiary of that. Of course, this ranking assumes he starts next season.
  1. Trevor Lawrence (23) – Add Lawrence to the list of guys on this list who I will probably rank higher than most. He really did not look good overall in his rookie year, but then again, did anyone in Jacksonville look good? Next year he’ll have a coaching upgrade, and he’ll hopefully have a healthy Travis Etienne. The exciting youngsters that should’ve shined this year I think will do so next year. I’m not putting the Jags in the playoffs yet, but I think Lawrence will start to run up the passing yards before too long.
  1. Justin Fields (31) – I am pumped about Justin Fields. His numbers weren’t pretty, but I definitely noticed some growth along the way. He took his lumps with a great attitude, and I think the game will slow down enough for him next year. He’ll have a good defense and running game. If the Bears can add a WR in FA or the draft, and maybe tack on another O-lineman, I think we’ll get to see a semi-breakout year from Fields.

Numbers 10, 11, & 12 – Proven, but aging?

  1. Dak Prescott (9) – I feel really bad ranking Dak this low because I think the world of him as a quarterback, and I wouldn’t say “aging” for him at 28. Though I worry about his injury history as well as his weird slumps. Yes, all QBs have down games, but I feel like his are harder to explain than others. I’m definitely going into my 2022 season with him as my QB1 if I have him, but ranking him at 10 is like saying that I would sell him for the right price if an offer came along.
  1. Aaron Rodgers (7) – He’s 38 years old and could potentially win the MVP award again. It’s also possible he’s playing for a new team next year, but we can’t bet against him until he gives a reason to. He has been incredible this year, and we have to continue to think that he’ll be great again regardless of where he plays next year. Obviously, 38-year old quarterbacks aren’t who you’re excited about in dynasty, but there is no reason to doubt that Rodgers can keep doing this for at least another 3 or 4 years. That is a decent championship-winning window, my friends.
  1. Russell Wilson (19) – I still think Russ has a lot left in the tank, but as we saw this year, he needs an improved situation. There are too many variables right now to rank him higher, but I still think he warrants a QB1 ranking. I expect him to rebound next year, and I don’t think his trade value is especially high, so I’m keeping him if I have him, but monitoring the situation closely. If he goes to Pittsburgh, for example, I might try to sell high on the hype. I think he would be a good fit with the Steelers, but with their O-line issues, I’m not sure they will be high-powered enough for him to dominate fantasy matchups.

Notable omissions

Here is a shortlist of players I considered, but ultimately felt weren’t quite good enough to be considered QB1-level quarterbacks for dynasty leagues.

Jalen Hurts – This may seem crazy, but hear me out. I’m worried that people don’t view him as an elite NFL starter. In fantasy, he is elite, no question about it, but I am worried he won’t always have a starting job. I think he’s the best QB in Philly, but I’m not convinced they want him long-term. If I’m wrong about that then Hurts is probably ranked 8 or 9, but my fear knocks him out of the starting positions.

Tom Brady – He’s old. Eventually, he won’t be this good. I’m always looking to get younger, even though you can’t really count him out yet. If you’re a legitimate contender, I think you’re happy to keep TB12 as your starter, but I’m not going to value him as one of the top quarterbacks for dynasty.

Matthew Stafford – He’s in a really good situation, and is still a really good quarterback. But he’s getting up there in age (33), and he throws too many interceptions. I’m happy to have him on my team for the right value, but I’m still not confident I’d start him every week.

Mac Jones – He had a great rookie season, and I think he’ll have a great NFL career. The problem for me here is that he seems very much like the “I’ll do whatever you need me to do to win the game” quarterback. This sounds awesome, but not for fantasy. I just think there will be too many games where he and Belichick won’t throw enough, or only use running plays in the red zone to deprive him of touchdowns. Further, I don’t think he has the receiving corps to throw for 400 yards week in-week out. 

What’s next?

Stay tuned for next week as I’ll take a look at the running back position.

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