Top 2023 NFL Free Agents Still Available

2023 NFL Free Agents
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The best remaining 2023 NFL free agents can be scarce by this off-season time. Many of the 2023 NFL free agents have signed with their new teams, but some remain. Of those that remain many of the 2023 NFL free agents may be looking to sign after training camps. For instance, many are veterans and have put their time into training camps. They would rather train on their own and get themselves ready for week 1. For the 2023 NFL free agents, there are still some big names and impact players available.

Marcus Peters

For Marcus Peters, he is a true veteran and he has put his time in. Passed his prime but can still be a valuable asset to a team. The former three-time pro-bowler missed all of 2021 with a torn ACL and has some injury history. Once he did return in 2022 he wasn’t as dynamic as many were used to him being. However, Peters can still add depth to a playoff-hopeful team. Brings experience and action with 32 career interceptions. In 2022 he had four picks and nine pass breakups.

Jadeveon Clowney

Jadeveon Clowney the former first overall pick hasn’t lived up to the expectations many thought he could be. Clowney has had nine sacks in both 2018 and 2021 but has never had double-digit sack numbers during his career. In reality, Clowney is a ferocious run defender who can aid a defense that needs help with stopping the run. He is inconsistent with his pass-rush ability. Above all, he can be a filler for a contender looking to add a high-upside player.

Yannick Ngakoue

Yannick Ngakoue still has the ability to be one of the better pass rushers in the NFL. Ngakoue can still be a high-end option for any team looking for a sack artist. He isn’t a particularly reliable run defender but he consistently finds ways to pressure the quarterback. He has logged at least eight sacks in every season he’s played. Ngakoue had a strong year last season with the Indianapolis Colts. Recorded about ten sacks and had 27 quarterback pressures in 15 games.

DeAndre Hopkins

DeAndre Hopkins was recently released from the Arizona Cardinals. He is a surprise 2023 NFL free agent and the top remaining free agent of all players available. Rumored to have been on the trading block, but with no team willing to trade for his old contract he was cut. On the open market, teams are concerned about his age and injury history. Hopkins is still capable of playing at an extremely high level. In nine games Hopkins caught 64 passes for 717 yards, and three touchdowns. If he had played 17 games at the pace he was at. Hopkins would’ve had 99 catches, 1,354 receiving yards, and six touchdowns.

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