Top Five NFL Offenses: Week Four, Miami has Arrived

NFL offenses
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For the history of the NFL the philosophy has been that defenses win championships. Though I don’t fully disagree with it the league has evolved over the last few decades. It was a run first, grinding in the trenches slugfest that overtime has become more of a high flying, deep passes and high scores game. Yet the best of the best are the ones who can run or pass as they want and dare you to stop them. So why not take a look at them week to week and rank the top NFL offenses. The rankings will change based on how effective the offense will be against their opponents defense that week. With that being said let’s get into the rankings.

1) Miami Dolphins

“A well known Ric Flair quote, “To be the man, you’ve got to beat the man,” or team in this case. Well Miami did justs that. Beating the Bills 21 to 19. Tua Tagovailoa answered all the questions that has been thrown around since he came into the league. We knew the Dolphins had surrounded their starting quarterback with an embarrassment of talent. Well now we know that yes, Tua can step up and make plays when needed and get the ball to his elite skill players consistently. The Bills had already been crowned with this division championship by most, but Miami is playing better than any other team in the league right now. Also their head to head win over the Bills last week put their destiny in their own hands. They have another tough test this week against a surging Bengals team. Lets see if they can keep this ranking.

2) Buffalo Bills

Here goes the other team in the Miami conversation. Dropping one spot to number two this week is the Bills but I wouldn’t be surprised if they take first spot in the top five NFL offenses soon. This only knock on the Bills is not having a top running game. Although when you got the MVP favored quarterback who is one half of the best quarterback and receiver combination along with Stefan Diggs, you can afford to not run the ball. Week in and week out this is the most dangerous offensive team in the NFL. The super match up last week against the Dolphins was crazy, but the Dolphins offense stood out and won the game when they had to. Josh Allen and company won’t take a back seat though. You can bet they will be ready to try and put up a ton of points this week against Lamar Jackson and the Ravens. The Ravens defense will have a lot to say about that and their stout defense will be ready.

3) Philadelphia Eagles

Its time people stop sleeping on Jalen Hurts. The Eagles starting quarterback has shown progress to start this season. He finally has a star wide receiver to target and he has shown he can read the defense and make the right decisions while going through his progressions. Hurts can launch it when needed or make or extend plays with his legs. The Eagles are red hot and an exciting to watch. They are looking to have a shoot out this week with another top offense, the Jaguars. This will be an exciting game to watch and it should be high scoring. They handled the Commanders in their last game 24 to 8.

4) Kansas City Chiefs

Chiefs have silenced the critics in the first three games. Although they suffered a loss to the Colts last week, they are still a dangerous top five NFL offense. The Chiefs were predicted to take a step back after losing Tyreek Hill. They will remain a top offense as long as they have Patrick Mahomes under center. The receiver isn’t a weak position for the Chiefs either. They actually have a more diverse passing attack this season. This week they play the Buccaneers and their stingy defense.

5) Baltimore Ravens

Lamar Jackson has been super human so far this season. He bet on himself by playing the last year of his contract. Well from the looks of it he will be very wealthy from his next contract. Ravens offensively are a nightmare to try and defend. Which has given them a spot on the top five NFL offenses this week. Jackson can light you up from the pocket or beat you for huge gains running the ball. They handed the patriots a loss last week and Bill Belichick had a ton of praise for the quarterback. Baltimore has surrounded him with weapons also to make this team very dangerous. This week will be a tough challenge for them as they battle the best overall team in the league, the Bills.

As always these top five NFL offenses could look entirely different next week. Some other teams are knocking on the door to get in. Jacksonville Jaguars have been looking really good lately so if one of these teams struggles, they could definitely take their spot. A few more teams close to making the top five was Detroit Lions, Cincinnati Bengals, and the Buccaneers. Check back next week to see what has changed.

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