Trey Lance Injured, Jimmy Garoppolo Is In

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Scott Strazzante / The Chronicle

Breaking news: Trey Lance has been carted off the field in San Francisco today. This injury catapults Jimmy Garoppolo back into the starting lineup for the 49ers and sparks controversy around the league as well. This, of course, has massive ramifications for the 49ers organization, Garoppolo and Lance.

The Injury

At this moment, the team has not announced what the exact injury is. However, when looking at the evidence below, it is clear that the injury is expected to be serious and significant enough to warrant season-ending speculation from the media everywhere. While leading the Seahawks by a field goal near the end of the first quarter, Lance took a QB draw up the middle. However, the sophomore quarterback’s foot can be seen facing the wrong direction after the play is blown dead.

Moving Forward And The Consequences For Trey Lance Company

The obvious question everyone is asking is, “what does this mean?” Well, that question has different answers for all the parties involved. Firstly, Jimmy G fans everywhere will be ecstatic to hear that the quarterback who led them to their most recent Superbowl appearance will be back at the helm of their franchise.

However, this injury is career-defining for both quarterbacks. Notably, the 49ers restructured Garoppolo’s contract to keep him on the team. Fans everywhere speculated this restructure was insurance for the team. Critics alike gawked at the contract, saying Lance was set up for failure by knowing that his leash might have been shortened with Garoppolo waiting in the wings. Additionally, if Lance were to get injured, the backup would fit like a glove. And while nobody hoped the injury would happen, it is always a possibility in this sport.

And on the other side of the coin, Trey Lance will once again be off the field, watching Jimmy command the ship. Lastly, management and the coaching staff will once again have to answer this question of the franchise quarterback spot should the team have success this year. In conclusion, buckle up, as each game will compound upon itself for a cataclysmic finish that will decide the fate of these two players.

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