Triple H Retires From In-Ring Wrestling

Triple H Retires From In-Ring Wrestling

Triple H Retires From In-Ring Wrestling Photo Credit: WWE Media

After a long and storied career that spawned more than two decades, Triple H has officially announced his retirement. He wrestled his last match on RAW in early 2021 against Randy Orton. There had been talk between him and Vince of maybe wrestling again at WrestleMania. However, his severe cardiac event ensured he can never again wrestle.

Triple H now has a pacemaker in his heart keeping him alive. He can’t risk being in the ring and having that thing go off and zap him, the effect could kill him. The high impact could knock it loose, or damage it. Triple H simply had no choice.

He was a 14 times World Champion in WWE. Winning his first championship in 1999 against Mick Foley. Wining his last at Royal Rumble 2016, in the Royal Rumble match itself, from Roman Reigns. He was once considered a favorite for beating Ric Flair’s 16-time world championship record but fell just a little short.

Triple H may be retired from in-ring competition, but he is not leaving WWE. He’s currently in charge of NIL (Next-In-Line) program. NIL is designed to bring in athletes from various colleges and other sports programs. It is intended to be the WWE response to similar programs found in NFL, NBA, MLB, and other sports.

Triple H probably will not just be in charge of NIL, as he recently was running NXT. Triple H has held a variety of positions in WWE, including Talent Relations, head of Creative, and other backstage positions. There is no doubt that as long as his health allows him to, Triple H will continue to be involved in WWE on some level for the rest of his life.

However, it is this writer’s opinion that the once upon a time idea that Triple H would replace Vince McMahon as Head of WWE is now highly unlikely. Vince’s position may be one of the most stress-inducing positions in the entire company. The condition of Triple H’s heart may not be able to handle it. The arrangement of powers in the back appears to have moved into the hands of Bruce Prichard and Nick Khan.

Regardless of Triple H’s future in the company, he ended a wonderful career that left many memorable moments for nearly over 25 years in WWE. We wish him a happy retirement.

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