Two Right-wingers Real Madrid can sign

Yesterday I wrote about two strikers that we can bring in to be a backup to Benzema going into next season. Today, I’ll look at two right-wingers that we can sign who will undeniably be an improvement to the right side of our attack. Last season, we saw Rodrygo and Asensio battle for that position before Fede made it his. Fede is a very versatile and intelligent footballer who can play in almost any position, but his quality is maximized when he plays in the midfield. Though I believe that we’ll see Rodrygo playing in the false 9 position more often next season, he’s at his best when he plays off the left, not the right. The other player is Marco Asensio who is set to leave the club in search of more gametime.

In my opinion, these two wingers are world-class footballers who have consistently performed on the big stage for club and country.

Serge Gnabry

Serge Gnabry is a 26 year old forward who mainly plays on the right-wing, but can play across the front three. His game is very dynamic. He has all the fundamentals of a good footballer. Speed, a good passing range, a very good shot, good dribbling ability and determination. He netted 14 goals last season and provided 6 assists. His underlying stats like chance creation and key passes is also top class. He’s second in the league for key passes and 5th for expected assists (xA). When watching Bayern, you often see him drift centrally or to the left to help the build up or to offer something different to the defenders. 

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He has missed six games this season through injury. He suffered adductor problems, a pulled hamstring and knee problems. Many people say his injuries are a major issue but I think it’s blown out of proportion. He offers something different as he can go down to the byline and cross it in or have a shot from unfavorable angles instead of cutting in and shooting all the time.

Riyad Mahrez

One of my favorite players in world football, one of the most naturally talented footballers in the world and arguably top 3 left footers in today’s game. Last season, the Algerian scored eleven (11) goals and provided five (5) assists in the Premier League. Everyone knows his intention when he picks up the football. He wants to take players on, cut inside and either have a shot, cross or make a reverse pass to the overlapping player. Though his actions are repeated, he’s still an unpredictable player as he can go to the byline and whip a cross in with his right foot or play it simple and pass it back. He only missed one game for Man City last season which shows that his availability is top class. 

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He does have a history of missing important penalties when the pressure is on, but he never backs down from the challenge which shows his courageous character. At Real Madrid, character and personality comes first and he has shown that he has a strong mentality by bouncing back from his personal failures. 

Who do you want and who do you think we should sign?

The football fan in me wants Mahrez. I want to see a diagonal switch from Rudiger to Mahrez. I want to see Mahrez control that pass with zero effort and I want to hear the Santiago Bernabeu erupt with thrill. I’d also love to see him and Benzema on the same team toying with defenders. However, I always have to separate the football fan and the Real Madrid fan. My personal desires come second as I always want the club to make decisions that will allow us to win more games and simultaneously trophies. With that said, I think we should sign Serge Gnabry as he’s more direct, versatile and he provides something we’ve been lacking; goals and assists from the right side of the pitch. Of course his injury history is a concern but I believe with the right amount of rotation he’ll be fine. 

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