Tyron Woodley Jake Paul recap

Jake Paul vs Tyron Woodley
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Jake Paul passed his toughest test thus far defeating Tyron Woodley via split decision. It would not be without some trouble though for Paul. He took some big shots on his way to victory. However, following the fight there was talk of some controversy as many fans and fighters thought Woodley did enough to earn the decision. Woodley said so himself in the ring after the fight was over. So with a fight that left so many unanswered questions, the ultimate question is, where do we go from here?

Jake Paul’s options

Jake Paul has a few options following this win. Some options make more sense than others, but ultimately the decision is up to him. As much as people dislike him, he still has yet to lose, so he has all the leverage in the world right now. And I have no doubt that he will take advantage of that leverage to get the exact fight that he wants.

1) Tyron Woodley rematch

First option that most people probably will want to see is the Jake Paul and Tyron Woodley. This was by far the hardest fight of Jake’s short career. There was definite rounds that he lost tonight against Woodley. There was even a moment in the 4th round when Woodley landed a monster overhand right that sent Paul into the ropes. Woodley most likely could have had an opportunity to go for the finish following that shot, but for some reason chose not too. The two men did agree to a rematch on the stipulation that Woodley get the “I Love Jake Paul” tattoo that they bet on before the fight. But as we all know, a handshake agreement after a fight is far from a done deal.

2) Tommy Fury fight

Secondly, Jake Paul could go up against another fighter from the card, Tommy Fury. Fury is the younger half brother of heavyweight boxing champion Tyson Fury. He defeated Anthony Taylor in the first fight on the PPV. A short four round fight in which he won by unanimous decision. Not the most impressive performance considering most thought he would be able to finish Anthony Taylor. He did call for a fight with Jake Paul in his post fight interview and the two did have an altercation backstage. But following that performance is not going to have anyone clamoring to see this two step in the squared circle.

3) KSI fight

Lastly, the KSI fight is still there. Many forget that KSI is the one who got the Paul brothers involved in boxing in the first place. When it was still “YouTube boxing” KSI called out Jake’s older brother Logan to a fight following his victory over YouTuber Joe Weller. One thing led to another, Jake ended up on that card as well, and the rest is history. But if Jake Paul continues to take steps up in competition, the KSI fight may start to become less appealing. If Jake Paul is serious about turning this into a pro boxing career, this fight would help him the least.

What’s next for Woodley?

Without a doubt the number one option for Woodley is the rematch. Anyone who tuned in last night saw how bad he wanted it post fight. Other than this rematch it really is a grey area as far as options for Woodley. He’s not going to be back in the UFC after the way he left on a four fight skid. Bellator surely would be interested in him, Woodley just doesn’t strike me as someone that would share that interest. If Woodley wants this rematch though he has to have the mentality that it is rematch or bust. Whatever he needs to do land this rematch he should do because that is without a doubt the best option for him. Because even if he decided he wanted to go to Bellator, he could become a champion, he will still be the guy that lost to Jake Paul.

Tyron Woodley has the weird yet unique opportunity to have a rare “happy ending” in MMA. I call it weird because that opportunity comes in the boxing ring rather than an MMA cage. But most of the eyes watching are those of the MMA world. If Woodley is able to land this rematch he would be able to avenge himself and the sport of MMA. On the other hand, another loss not only makes him look bad, it elevates Jake Paul to an even higher level.

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