UCL Semifinals: Manchester City vs. Real Madrid Takeaways

UCL Semifinals Man City Real Madrid
Real Madrid vs. Manchester City takeaways. Photo Credit: Getty Images/CBS Sports

The offensive duelings between tournament favorites Manchester City and Real Madrid at Santiago Bernabeu ended with one goal for each team in a thrilling draw. Both teams will have one week to prepare before the final showdown of the UCL Semifinals at Etihad Stadium for the precious ticket to Istanbul. Here are some monumental takeaways from the first leg.

Exploring Long-range Finishes

When the defenders closely followed Real Madrid’s and Manchester City’s top strikers, other star players needed to step up to create offense. Karim Benzema and Erling Haaland would bring along one or two defenders on their disguise run, opening up opportunities outside the penalty area. Rodri, with a long-range effort, was denied by the talent of Thibaut Courtois. The same approach from a long distance helped Vinicius Jr. open the scoreline for Real Madrid with a shot to the top corner. Kevin De Bruyne equalized with a dipping shot to the bottom corner. Both goals shared the same characteristics, optimizing the time and space in Zone 14 – the area right outside the box. Real Madrid could have gotten their second from a similar play, but Ederson denied Tchouameni’s shot. 

Putting Haaland “in Jail”

Carlo Ancelotti made some phenomenal adjustments on defense. With the absence of Eder Militao, the best center-back for Los Blancos this season, he turned to Antonio Rudiger and David Alaba as the CB partnership. The physical playstyle of the German, with a few tricks under his sleeves, really gave Erling Haaland hell. He was under Haaland’s skin the whole game, man-marking the City forward wherever he went. David Alaba also had some great rotation to cover for Rudiger. Haaland, only managing 21 touches the entire game, was a major success.

Talking about getting on someone’s nerves, Dani Carvajal showed his experience when defending Jack Grealish. The matchup was the hot topic of the first half when several times, these two argued. On the other side, Bernardo Silva didn’t have his best displays in the UCL Semifinals as he did in the Quarterfinals against Bayern, mainly due to an unexpected hero Eduardo Camavinga. 

Goalkeeping Showcases

Apart from the two goals, which were unstoppable finishes, Ederson and Thibaut Courtois had a fantastic game. The goalkeepers exchanged lightning reflexes to ensure his team’s advancement chance did not worsen. Courtois made crucial stops early in the match against Rodri’s and Haaland’s attempts. Ederson was even more impressive. The Brazillian denied Karim Benzema from point-blank range before rejecting two long-range efforts from Tchouameni and Nacho.

This game was not only the matchup of the most brilliant-minded coaches, skillful wingers, or world-class strikers but also that of the Spidermen in goal.

X-Factor: Eduardo Camavinga

The left-back crisis forced Eduardo Camavinga to adapt to playing out of position for the past two months. But he was absolute class against Manchester City. On the defensive side, he played remarkable defense against a very shifty Bernardo Silva, giving the Portuguese magician a tough time in every one-on-one. The young Frenchman made great overlapping runs to support Vinicius Jr. on the attack. His presence in developing the ball up front was evident as well. In Vini’s goal, he utilized a one-two with Luka Modric to break free and go vertical down the field to assist the Brazillian. Camavinga looked more confident in a position he wasn’t the best at.

Despite making a direct mistake when Real conceded, Camavinga still put up a fantastic display for a youngster in his secondary position in a game as big as the Champions League Semifinals. 

UCL Semifinals Second Leg Outlook: Moment of Stardom

UCL Semifinals Man City Real Madrid
Real Madrid and Manchester City left Bernabeu with a goal each. Photo Credit: DAX Images/NurPhoto via Getty Images

Manchester City needs to find a solution to free up Erling Haaland. His connections with his satellites were cut off almost entirely in the first leg. Pep Guardiola must prioritize planning defenses against Vinicius Jr. – the Brazillian is looking nearly unstoppable. They will hope that Nathan Ake can return so that Akanji can return to the right flank.

Real Madrid attacked primarily on Vinicius’ side in the first leg with also the mobility of Camavinga. Their right-hand side with Rodrygo was pretty harmless. One-dimensional offense can be caught up quickly at this stage of the competition.

The UCL Semifinals Second Leg will be an exciting tactical battle between two of the best teams in Europe this season, with two of the best coaches of all time. All tied up in the first leg, the moment of stardom will indeed determine the consequences of the game. In big-time moments like this, which superstars will answer the call?

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